#ncga: Steinburg’s Girl Friday FIRED (on a Tuesday)

It’s interesting  that the Elizabeth City paper has this in its hard copy edition, but not online.  Seems like somebody is trying to do their part to keep the story from going viral on the Internet. (But as long as there is a Haymaker, what needs to go viral WILL go viral.)

That’s right.  The man has gone from “full confidence” to throwing her out the door in a very short time. (We detailed the contents of the tape, and include a link to it, HERE.)

It’s been quite a piece of political theater — kept alive mostly from Steinburg’s egomanical kindling of it all.  Steinburg’s legislative aide / campaign manager / basketball promotion employee was indicted in October for allegedly stealing $25,000 from some clients in her side marketing business.  The grand jury handed down a felony indictment, and the case was continued until after the general election.

Steinburg responded to THAT lucky break by raving about how it was all a political conspiracy to get him engineered by Dare County Republicans mad about his defeat of primary opponent Clark Twiddy in MAY.  (Grand juries typically aren’t typically swayed that easily.) 

Steinburg got his election win in November.  The aide, Diana London, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of larceny and agreed to pay back the $25,000 in question to her former clients. Steinburg and his entourage continued to rage about how it’s all a political conspiracy, and began questioning the Dare D.A.’s integrity and competence.

The Dare County prosecutor countered by publicly releasing ALL of the information he had supporting the plea agreementthe tape of London, a police report, a damning timeline, and some even more damning witness statements.  

In the Elizabeth City paper, Steinburg said his mind was changed about continuing London’s employment after hearing the prosecutor’s tape.  The senator-elect continued with his loony  Clark Twiddy political conspiracy spin, though. 

Steinburg said he will replace London and be hiring additional staffers to help with the larger senate district.

Meanwhile, this all raises another interesting question.  It’s become clear that London also worked on Steinburg’s basketball tournament in Asheville — which was funded with money supplied by Currituck County government.  Did she have access to those funds?  How can Currituck taxpayers be sure that, if she did, their money was managed in a responsible, lawful, intended manner?

The tournament was done Thanksgiving weekend.  We’ve yet to hear about all of the wonderful benefits it brought to the people of Currituck County.


4 thoughts on “#ncga: Steinburg’s Girl Friday FIRED (on a Tuesday)

  1. BS’s posted job description:

    Must have a proven track record of lying, cheating, stealing, being offensive, rude, and enjoy criminal activity. You will have VERY large shoes to fill as my new replacement and/or additional staff since I have no clue about data or analysis. I was a diamond salesman before politics. (hehehe) Must relish working with a psychopathic boss and be a scyophant. (Yeah that’s me, just disclosing so we know we are the right fit.)

    Former criminal activity a plus. Must bring new ideas to the table on how we can screw over taxpayers in North Carolina (especially in the 11 counties we now cover whoo hoo that’s up from 6 and that is about all the data and numbers I can handle) and find new revenue sources for “the boss” without caring about the people paying us. If this is you, I know we’ll have a bright future together…until we don’t and then despite knowing you lie, I’ll throw you under the bus for lying… but the stealing part I’m okay with so no worries there.


  2. Steinburg is a sick damn joke as well as his office. Nothing has changed since Cooper was there. During the last Hurricane he told the media total BS about price gouging.

    All he did was send out the same notice to the Price Gouger and to the person that made the complaint several times and did nothing what so ever, but get publicity that he cared.

    What a waste of time to send him complaints.

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