#ncga: Sooooo, was the Volvo loss about CASH or about PORTS?

legisIf you listen to House speaker Tim Moore or Commerce Secretary John Skvarla, North Carolina lost a shot at a new Volvo plant because it could not offer enough economic incentives (cash, tax breaks, etc.) to the car company.  We reported earlier that — based on reports in other media outlets — Volvo cited a good location near a port as key to their decision.  North Carolina was pitching a site in Rocky Mount which, the last time I checked, isn’t nor never was near a seaport of any kind. 

Now, here comes Onslow County state Rep. Phil Shepard (R) with another slightly different spin on the episode:



I bet the port in Rocky Mount is in pretty rough shape.  I bet you can hardly tell it’s there. 

So, we’ve got another issue with the condition of our state ports.  Let’s keep this whole discussion in mind for the next time folks come down to Jones Street with hat in hand, seeking more bait-cash for economic development.