#ncga: Rep-elect Boswell already showing promise

Earlier, we told you about Jimmy Dixon flipping his lid over an email from a freshman legislator? Well, here’s what set him off: mail

Subject: Interests/Goals

Good Evening Sirs.
It was a pleasure to meet with you, all of you. I look forward to being a worker bee. It’s what I do best.

Since I missed the first meeting I didn’t have the opportunity to share my list of goals/ concerns. Please take a few minutes to review.

1. Medical Reform
A). Get Obamacare/ACA out of NC
B). Medicaid fraud
C). Disability fraud
D). Repeal the CON
E). DMV needs to suspend NC license privileges to those in long term Pain Management. Th0ecd69_954ec70bd7994113b51fa392a93d0577-jpg_srz_767_476_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srzese patient are driving under the influence of Morphine, OxyContin, Dilaudid, and other substances every day. How is this not considered driving under the influence?
F). Open the insurance market. Erase those imaginary state lines and let the competition begin. This will make insurance more affordable.
G). Medicare Reform
H). Abortion. If we cannot get the Abortion turnover that we need, I would like it be illegal to preform an abortion on a minor without the parent’s consent. You cannot give a child a Tylenol in school without a doctor and a parents signature, but you can take that same girl to get an abortion with no questions asked. Say your daughter had an abortion and the teacher took her….Daughter starts to hemorrhage, spikes a temperature and has abdominal pain. Do you think that she will tell you what’s going on? No. Your daughter could very well die from post op complications.
I have many more thoughts but I don’t want you to think that I am a complete whack -a-doodle.

2. Education
A). Completely rid NC of Common Core and CC Standards
B). Offer parents the right to choose which school is best for their child
C). Embrace and fund technology
D). Stop the over testing of students. These tests prove NOTHING and cause more harm thanyay good. Teachers teach for the test and not to learn. Testing…over testing, is an astronomical expense
E). Teacher Accountably
F). Student Advocate
G). Continue to offer affordable college tuition.
H). College is highly competitive and I believe that a US citizen should be accepted before another student from another country.
I). There should not be a college requirement for acceptance of a number of students due to their race or gender. The only requirement should be academics.

3. End Affirmative Action. We have had a black man in the highest office in the US for 7 3/4 years. It’s over now. Affirmative Action is no longer necessary. It has served its purpose and was necessary at one time. As a matter of fact, whomever is most qualified for a job, should get the job: male/female, black/white/Mexican.

4. Continue to Protect our Second Amendment Rights.

5. Protect and Preserve Our Commercial Fishermen. Protect our Farmers. I will not begin to give you my list because I would be typing all night. People before plants, seaweed, and yes animals. rep-jimmy-dixonWe must make our decisions on SCIENTIFIC FACTS, not scare tactics provided from the Sierra Club and the CCA. Support our People that Feed the People!
I CAN’T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW SERIOUS I AM ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. As long as I have Air in my lungs, I will fight for my farmers and fishermen.

6). Cut out wasteful spending to prop up Windmill and Solar Farms. If these businesses are so lucrative, let them fund their own projects. They should not need our tax dollars to start and maintain a business that these people say makes millions and “saves” everyone money.

I have many concerns and goals that I hope to achieve. I appreciate your time. I would like to be a productive member of the caucus. I do not want to be a seat filler.

Thank you and I hope that you and you family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Hell, this sounds like a platform for a real, honest-to-God political party.  (What’s your problem with this, Jimmy?  Too sane? Honest, principled stuff like this getting in the way of the cronyism and shenanigans?) 

Folks, I think we may have a STAR our hands here.  One of those leader-types.