#ncga: Ken Goodman, RADICAL LEFTIST ???

That wacky political operation for the House GOP caucus is at it again.  I called them out once already for going over the top.  Now, they’re just really reaching and stretching, and, and, and ….(*SIGH*)

Let’s look back at a fellow named William Brisson.  He was a rather moderate Democrat from Bladen County who increasingly voted with the Republicans.  Finally, he pulled the trigger, switched parties, and helped pad the GOP majority.

Ken Goodman is a Democrat from Richmond County — a locale that is slowly but surely shifting rightward. (Despite the D next to his name, he LOOKS like ought to be hanging out with John Hood and Art Pope.)

Instead of cultivating Mr. Goodman, and possibly getting him to pull a full-Brisson, the political operation has opted for name-calling.

Let’s look at some data to see what the GOP House caucus thinks is RADICAL.   For 2017,  Goodman received a ranking of 50 from Civitas, which made him the most conservative member of the Democrat caucus.  By comparison, Nelson Dollar ended the year with a 60 rating.  Ol’ Nelson chairs a powerful committee and is arguably one of the most influential members of the House GOP caucus and the House as a whole.

Grades of 50 and 60 are both failing marks in school.  Why is 50 “radical” but 60 NOT?

In 2016, Goodman (D) scored a rating of 57.1.  That tied him with Speaker Tim Moore and leadership favorites Jason Saine (R) and John Szoka (R).   Goodman actually came out more conservative than Leo Daughtry (R) AND Chuck McGrady(R).

(*Maybe all those Rs actually stand for “Radical”.*)

In 2015, Goodmon scored 51.9, which made him more conservative than William Brisson (then-D but now R) and a whisker to the left of Leo Daughtry (R). 

In 2014, Goodman scored 28.6 which tied him with then-Rep. Nathan Ramsey (R).  William Brisson (then-D and now R) scored 21.4.

If Goodman is a Radical Leftist, then it appears the GOP caucus has been infested with quite a few of his ilk.  (*Get to work weeding them out, fellas.*)