#NCGA: Jones Street mafia targeting Civitas, Locke & US ????

hellApparently, General Maximus has unleashed hell upon the powers-that-be within the North Carolina General Assembly.  From what I hear, the common folks beyond the beltline DID NOT vote in a Republican majority in order to get hit with higher gas taxes and to give even more money away to big corporations. 

My cadre of spies on Jones Street tells me that the honorables are really hearing it from the folks back home — thanks to the reporting from this site, and the folks at The John Locke Foundation and Civitas.  And you’re seeing some reaction.

The House tried to water down the impact of the gas tax legislation.  Senate leaders are also hinting that they will slow down, and possibly change, the governor’s economic incentives package.

We’re hearing that the powers-that-be in the “Puzzle Palace” are seething over negative publicity they and their initiatives have recently received from us, and the folks at John Locke and at Civitas.  According to one of my Jones Street sources:

“Leadership is absolutely seething over the leaks.  They really want to know who is talking to you guys.There is a pretty intense leak hunt going on.”

My source tells me that members of the leadership, some of their allies, and some state party sources, have been placing calls to contacts at Locke and Civitas:

“They’ve pretty much been told to stand down and back off. That’s been followed up with not-so-subtle threats that pressure will be applied on donors to Locke and Civitas to strongly consider putting their money elsewhere.”

Since we don’t have near the donor base that Locke and Civitas have, one would think we’d be pretty immune to threats like that.  But, according to my source:

“You guys have really ruffled some feathers around here.  They’re looking for ways to put the squeeze on you.  Keep your eyes open.”mad as hell

If you’re honestly afraid of a mealy-mouthed con artist that you actually voted into office,  our country is in huge trouble.

Here’s a thought.  if you really want to effect positive change in Raleigh, don’t cut a check to some politician.  Donate to the organizations that are putting the heat on politicians to do the right thing — Locke, Civitas, us, and many, many others in the state’s conservative blogosphere.  From the pamphleteers of The American Revolution, to Vaclav Havel in Cold War-era Czechoslovakia, the power of “the pen” has proved to be one hell of a weapon in the fight against government tyranny. An informed populace is a huge threat to the political class.