#ncga: In SD-25, Mills(D) outrai$ed incumbent McInnis (R) in Q2

It took a vicious slander campaign courtesy of Phil Berger and the boys to get him through the May primary. Tom McInnis might need even more of the same  if he’s going to pull out a win in November.

According to the latest disclosure reports, Pinehurst Democrat Helen Probst Mills has outraised incumbent Republican senator Tom McInnis for the second quarter of 2018.

The Mills campaign is showing receipts of $87,933.80 for the second quarter of 2018.  The McInnis campaign is reporting receipts of $64,642.52 for the same period.

It’s unusual for a majority party incumbent to be outraised by a challenger from the minority party.

Both campaigns  are receiving cash from political interests outside of the district.  But the McInnis campaign appears to be more dependent on cash from PACs than the Mills campaign. 

Reports on file with the state board of elections show that senate Republican leaders spent a total of $62,956.76 on McInnis’s effort to dispatch fellow Republican and Whispering Pines mayor Michelle Lexo in the May primary.

4 thoughts on “#ncga: In SD-25, Mills(D) outrai$ed incumbent McInnis (R) in Q2

  1. Party apparatchiks in Raleigh sticking their stinking noses into a local primary can have blowbacks at general election time, and it looks like this may be happening in this district. That is one reason why the party has prohibited such involvement. Now thanks to David Lewis and his asinine “affiliated party committees”, some in our party have jumped into primaries and that may have consequences in the Fall.

    1. Is Senate 25 R+Insurmountable for a Dem or is it closer to R+0? If the latter, this is an opp for Lexo’s crowd to hand Berger some payback.

      1. Moore county — where the Dem is from — is R+insurmountable. The Senate district overall, though, COULD be competitive.

  2. This report shows that those who claimed McInnis merely paid for postage of the direct mail pieces were lying. It clearly shows a $62,000 in-kind contribution from the corrupt “affiliated party committee”. This reeks of Boss Hogg politics. Shame on Berger. This money that should have been used to fight Democrats was diverted to fight conservatives within the GOP instead. That is inexcusable.

    No conservative should ever give a nickel to these corrupt “affiliated party committees”. Give directly to solid candidates instead.

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