#ncga: “I’ll take ONE senate seat for $500K, please.”

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Sam Searcy (D), candidate for the SD-17 seat in Wake County, has loaned his campaign  $500,000.  He is seeking to knock off incumbent Tamara Barringer (R) in November.

THAT loan by Searcy puts his total fundraising haul for the cycle at $648,156.39.   And we’re STILL roughly four months away from election day.

Barringer, in comparison, has raised $51,157 for the cycle.

The Barringer campaign  can hang their hopes on the lessons of the 1980 John Connally presidential campaign.  Connally, a Texas tycoon who had been governor among other things, spent $11 million of his own money running in the GOP primaries.  He ended up winning ONE delegate.