#ncga: Bob Steinburg aide illegally double-dipping?

There were questions earlier about Steinburg seeking payments from the state for time that he wasn’t in Raleigh or when the legislature was out of session.  

Now, at least one Senate District 1 voter is alleging, in a complaint to legislative officials and the state board of elections, a Steinburg aide is getting cash from Steinburg’s Senate campaign AND the state.   Voter Bill Lehman filed the complaint this week.  Here are some of the highlights:

[…] This is a request for an investigation of the actions of a legislative assistant, Diana London, who works with Representative Bob Steinburg, and if the allegations prove valid, a request that an ethics complaint against Rep. Bob Steinburg be entered based on your verified information to the NC State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement.

On Friday, April 27, 2018, I was campaigning for candidates in the Republican Primary at the Pasquotank County One Stop Site in Elizabeth City, NC. After I had finished speaking with a voter, another campaign worker asked me if I knew that a woman had been videotaping my conversation with the voter from behind my back. I did not know that. I approached the woman, Diana London, Legislative Assistant to Bob Steinburg. As I approached she immediately got on her phone. I questioned her actions and told her that she could tape and video me, but only after asking me first and not sneaking up behind me.[…]

It wasn’t until three days later, on Monday, April 30, 2018, Ms. London returned to Pasquotank County to file a complaint against me. Please note at the Pasquotank County Board of Election’s meeting on Tuesday, May 1, no action was taken because her actions and my response was on public property and not under the umbrella of responsibility of the Pasquotank County Board of Elections. While I in no way thought her actions were appropriate, after further investigation into her activities since her February 1, 2018 employment as a legislative assistant at 40 hours per week, I have come to realize that Ms. London may be in violation of NCGS 126-13.[…]

For those keeping score at home, that deals with state employees campaigning while working for the state.  MORE:

I am making the allegations of violation of this statute based on these facts that we have been able to determine: Exhibit 2 – Copy of Diana London’s Facebook Page indicating that she is Rep. Bob Steinburg’s Manager. Exhibit 3 – Copy of Rep. Bob Steinburg’s 1st Qtr Campaign Finance Report that shows four payments to Ms. London totaling $5500 for digital media and consulting. The first payments made on Jan 6, 2018 and Jan. 29, 2018 prior to her employment as a legislative assistant, and the remaining two on Feb. 28, 2018 and April 3, 201 8. Ms. London’s dates campaigning in the district during normal business hours:

Monday. March 19. 2018: “BOB SQUAD” photo delivering signs in the district and attending Dare County Commissioner’s meeting that night with Steinburg.

Friday.  April  6, 2018Videoing Signs in Dare     #BobSquadKill Devil Hills helping people toregister.

Tuesday,   April  10,2018   in   Camden  County   with   Steinburg Thursday. April 1. 2018 at the Dare County Republican Reagan Trump Dinner

WednesdayApril 18. 2018 Chowan County

Thursday. April 19. 2018.Chauffering Rep. Bob Steinburg in Dare eating at local restaurant.

Friday. April 20. 2018In Dare County, prior to Candidate’s Form that night

Friday, April 27. 2018Pasquotank County One Stop Site videotaped me.

Monday, April 30, 2018Personally visiting Pasquotank County Board of Elections to file a complaint against me.

Friday, May 4, 2018Rumored to be in Dare County.

Since Ms. London’s mother is a resident of Dare County, Diana London has an opportunity to remain in Dare County without commuting back to Raleigh.[…] 

And here is the kicker:

[…] At this point I would like to point out that as a new hire, and with only 51.99 hours of cumulative sick and annual leave thru May 14, 2018, it would seem she has been away from her duties as legislative assistant for at least 80 hours, and devoting her time to her duties as “campaign” manager to Rep. Steinburg . Ms. London’s position as a paid worker to Rep. Steinburg, the candidate, and as a NC state employee working for Rep. Bob Steinburg, the legislator makes it difficult to determine where one job ends and one job begins and is fraught with potential problems. 

Given these facts, I am asking for either Legislative Services or Human Resources to verify that Ms. London has been fulfilling her duties to the taxpayers of North Carolina, who pay her salary; and not as a tax paid campaign worker for Representative Bob Steinburg. I expect verification through her use of paid leave applications, any employee badge entry recordings to legislative building and/ or garages, or video of  the legislative area of Rep. Steinburg’s office that would show a regular appearance by an employee  reporting to work as a state employee. I would like to point out that if she had filled out leave for  the dates given prior to April 27, 2018 –  she should not have any more leave available on Friday, April 27 and Monday, April 30, 2018 when she was harassing me.  In that regard, I am requesting all annual and sick leave that Ms. London has requested thru May 8, 2018 as per NCGS 132 . […]

Again, if you find my concerns have merit based on your records, I am requesting a full ethics investigation into Rep. Bob Steinburg and his use of a tax funded position to work on his campaign.