#ncga: Berger endorsing a Dem for November who has GOP opposition


Remember all those scoldings we get from GOPe types about party loyalty?  About holding your nose and voting for them even if you really disagree with them?  Too bad the GOPe doesn’t seem to give a flip about that kind of thing.

Up in Rockingham County, the Berger Boys (Phil, Kevin, and Phil Jr.) call most of the shots.  Daddy is the state senate president.  Junior is on the Supreme Court.  Kevin is chairman of the Rockingham County commissioners.  *Quite a cozy arrangement — a mighty powerful family dinner, I must say.*

I wrote in 2018 about catching Big Phil begging a major Dem donor in Lee County for cash.  Who KNOWS what he promised to get the cash.  This situation is more problematic.  You have an arguable leader of the NCGOP endorsing a Democrat candidate over a GOP opponent in the November elections.

The problem?  According. to THIS,  Wiison will face Republican John Morris on the November ballot.  (Morris is the Rockingham County attorney.)


NCGOP rules say working FOR a Democrat AGAINST a Republican is grounds for sanctions like removal from party offices.  Berger, like most senior GOP elected officials, is a member of the NCGOP’s ruling executive committee.

I know.  Some folks will try to defend Berger’s move by calling Wilson a “conservative.”  How does that explain away the endorsement of Republican John Morris’s opponent?

Oh.  Here is the Morris campaign’s info.  With the Bergers working against him, he is going to need all the help he can get.

I did a little checking.  According to THIS, Wilson has served as an aide to former US senator Terry Sanford (D) — certainly no conservative — and has been a Fellow at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.  The Reynolds Foundation is quite leftie.   Civitas once described the Foundation as “the roots of radicalism.”

Morris’s career background makes him appear to be respectably conservative.  So, WHY is a senior NCGOP leader working against him and endorsing a Democrat?

The Phils are running all over NC hawking the importance of electing GOP judges.  But here we have senator Phil pushing for the reelection of a Democrat judge.

I say we introduce the Bergers to karma the next time Junior shows up on a ballot.