#ncga: Amnesty foes prepping for Tax Day showdown on Jones Street

gadOn Tax Day, it appears the honorables will be doing some serious pondering about how our state deals with people of questionable citizenship status.  The folks at NCFIRE have been doing yeoman’s work in the fight against the well-funded amnesty hordes.

NCFIRE is making an effort to alert everyone to hearings Wednesday on three bills that they see as key to their fight:

We need as many people as humanly possible to attend these hearings. You can rest assured that citizens will be outnumbered by the pro-illegal “DREAMer” crowd, unless you show up!

Ron Woodard (NC Listen) and I will be in front of the NC General Assembly Bldg on Jones St. at 9:15 am, to meet all who show up.

HB529- Makes driving w/o a license a NON-MOVING violation. (Needed by illegals to be able to continue to drive to jobs) is scheduled for 10:00 am in rooms 1228/1327 of Legislative Building-(LB). legis

HB318-(E-verify fix bill) is scheduled for 11:00 am in room 643 of the Legislative Office Building- (LOB).

Remember the watered-down immigration bill that Governor Pat vetoed in 2013, and Thom Tillis and the boys overrode on behalf of the Farm Bureau?  Well, this bill corrects that travesty.  This legislation — which we posted about earlier –– is being shepherded through the House by Pender County’s Chris Millis, one of the few true stars in the House.  Passing this through the General Assembly should create a minor political earthquake that might even be felt in the DC offices of our rookie US senator.  MORE: 

HB328– (Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens bill) is scheduled for 12:30 pm in room 415 of the Legislative Office Building- (LOB).

Supporters of this bill say it’s better than nothing.  Better to have these folks somewhat trained and certified to drive, than to have them out there with nothing.  Critics see it as another effort to chip away at the sanctity of US citizenship.  MORE: wall

We don’t normally send out a “Call for Action” notice this late BUT, we were just made aware these bills would be heard on Wednesday. 

Those attending will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes on the topic of the hearing. If you have something to say, here’s your chance!

You saw the end result of the intense public pressure on the honorables regarding that vaccination bill. Hearing it loud from folks outside the beltline can make a difference.