#ncga: A shot across the bow at crony capitalism

solarWe’ve expressed our dismay at recent legislation — sponsored by a hodge-podge of statist Democrats, RINOs, and reputed conservatives — to extend the 35 percent credit for solar energy production for five years.  However, hope for some common sense is on the horizon. There’s a clear record out there that shows solar energy to be impractical as a primary energy source and unaffordable without government subsidies.

 HB 681– introduced by Rep. Chris Millis (R-Pender) and co-sponsored by Reps. Hager, Collins, and Warren — calls out that legislation for the costly boondoggle it is and seeks changes to current law regarding energy policy:

  • Sunset of alternative energy mandates.  Current law sets requirements for the total amount of alternative energy sold to utility provides at 0.02% in 2010 and increasing to 0.20 percent for 2018 and beyond.  HB 681 seeks to sunset the mandate at 0.14 percent by the beginning of 2018.legis
  • Repeal of a property tax exclusion for solar energy electric systems.  Who knew about THIS?  Slap some solar panels on your property and avoid property taxes?  Wow. 
  • Require the Energy Policy Council to provide the state Utilities Commission and the Joint Legislative Study Commission on Government Operations a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of solar energy and its relationship with the power grid. (WHAT? Taking cost into consideration when looking at government policy? *Oh, the horror!*)
  • Direct The State of North Carolina to promote […] renewable energy and energy efficiency in a  manner that is consistent with the development of the least cost mix of  generation.  (*There we go again with that “least cost” stuff.*)