NC school board association seeks to SHUT UP the little people


The lobbyists for local school boards want to make sure we forget all about that pesky First Amendment.


The “behavior” she is babbling about involves all those parents showing up to meetings to protest mask mandates and critical race theory.  (Where was Leanne when Black Lives Matter was burning down Raleigh and Durham?  Was that not “disrespectful”? “Dangerous”? )

The Raleigh political class is bewildered by all this sudden parental interest in public schools.  School boards used to fly under the radar as a political after-thought.  You had to twist arms and beg to get people to run for them.  Many local papers have readily downplay or ignore the local school board.  But not anymore.  Things have changed.  And you can thank COVID for that.

I could predict this thanks to the tipoff from recent statements by the baboon in the Blount Street mansion. 

“Bully” is a lot like “racist” or “communist.”  NOBODY wants to be known as any of those.  It appears the leftist strategy is to slander these  folks who are showing up to fight for their kids.  Paint them as “crazy” so no one will actually pay attention to the details of the COVID authoritarianism in the schools  or to CRT.   The leftist plan will be to shout you down and shut you up with the word “bully” all the way through Election Day 2022.

Regardless of how you feel about those two issues,  you should sympathize with the protesters’ sentiments.  You elect people to be your voice.  Yet,  the people you elect turn into rubber stamps for the race pimps and socialists who dominate public school central offices across the state and nation.  (The board should be telling the superintendent and his staff what to do. NOT the other way around.)

You know what our local paper painted as a “threat”?  A protester wrote an acquaintance on the school board and offered to come to their house and explain his side of the issue a lot more in depth.  That’s it.  (Some threat.)

I have the sneaking suspicion that you’d see things calm down dramatically if school boards and central offices acted like they actually gave a damn about what parents and other taxpayers thought.

2022 is a great time to send a message to the radical leftists in the public education establishment.  We’re in the process of returning our board here in Moore County to the sane people.  You can do it in your county too.