NC politics takes a detour through the OB-GYN’s office

787052505If you believe McClatchy and Bill Barber’s zip-tie crowd (or the “eye candy”  pictured with this post), the GOP-dominated state legislature is preparing to strip North Carolina’s women of their God-given rights and put them ALL at risk of death, disease, and dismemberment.

Back when I was in the drive-by media, I was often amazed at some of the really stupid questions my colleagues would toss at their interview subjects.  McClatchy’s Rob Christensen is keeping that proud tradition going with his,um, “reporting” on the abortion legislation currently being debated on Jones Street:

[…]Asked whether he viewed the abortion bill as primarily dealing with women’s safety or restricting access, McCrory said: “I think parts of the bill, personally, deal with safety and help protect these women as have been seen in Durham. But I also see that there are parts of the bill that clearly cross that line that could add further restrictions to that access. I think that is where we need further discussions and further debate.” […]

Hmmm.  “Safety” or “restricting.”  Are those really mutually exclusive? We’re told that gun ownership needs to be “restricted” in order to promote “safety.”    You are “restricted” from playing in traffic because it could threaten your “safety.”  You are “restricted” from driving after consuming alcohol, because it could put the “safety” of yourself, your passengers, or others around you at risk.  

It’s too bad that Gov. Pat took McClatchy Rob seriously.  I wish he would have taken the Don Rumsfeld route with Rob. Rummy — when he was GWB’s defense secretary — would let a reporter have it when he or she dared to ask a really stupid / biased question.  Rumsfeld would have fired back at Rob with something like: “Are you stupid, or just intellectually challenged?” 

Rob & co. make their lefty masters SO happy by peppering their copy on this abortion legislation with the word “restrict”.  They don’t bother to tell you much about what the bill really says or does.  The North Carolina Values Coalition DOES, however.   Let’s review some of the “harsh”, “restrictive” requirements that have Rob experiencing his “special” time of the month:

  1. The bill requires abortion clinics to operate under the same standards as outpatient surgical clinics in the state.  If you strip away all of the emotion in the discussion, these “women’s health” clinics are providing outpatient surgery services.  If these abortion clinics have been held, by state inspectors, to a lower standard than outpatient / ambulatory surgical centers, THAT is a real scandal.
  2. The bill allows “other health care workers” to join doctors in being able to refuse to participate in abortion procedures due to moral / religious objections.  
  3. The bill allows the state to refuse to fund abortions once ObamaCare begins its reign of terror in the state. 
  4.  The bill requires physicians to be present throughout the entire abortion procedure. 
  5. The bill bans abortions for the primary purpose of “sex selection.”
  6. The bill calls for stronger operating standards for clinics to help prevent recurrences of the Gosnell case or the current mess in Durham.  Remember Kermit Gosnell?  He was the doc who kept calling in the plumbers because the toilets in his clinic kept getting clogged with baby parts. 

*Scary* stuff, huh? Rob & co. can’t afford to have you clued in on details like this.  If you were, you’d recognize them for the fools and liars that they are.  

It’s also unfortunate that Gov. Pat is waffling on supporting this very reasonable legislation.  (Of course, at one time, he was dismissing efforts to back out of ObamaCare, calling it ”the law of the land.” Then, the grassroots went to work on him, and his mind was changed.) 



8 thoughts on “NC politics takes a detour through the OB-GYN’s office

  1. This is a ridiculous LOSER fight that will further erode the last modicum of credibility the Republican party has left.

    1. “This is a ridiculous LOSER fight that will further erode the last modicum of credibility the Republican party has left.

      No, the “losers” are those babies who do not get a chance at life……………like you and I got.

      1. You’re exactly right, jr cooper.

        Abortion clinics should have stricter regulations than other ambulatory surgical centers, because abortion is by far the sleaziest medical specialty. It attracts third-rate doctors with no moral or ethical compasses, who are not trustworthy. Even though abortion clinics operate under very lax standards, and even though they go years between inspections, they still keep getting cited and shut down for severe violations of those standards.

        Other doctors operate under much stricter standards, but most of them still never have problems meeting those standards. That’s because most doctors are decent, honorable people, who do their best to provide high quality care, in safe, sanitary facilities, and would do so even if there were no legal oversight.

        Abortionists are different. Look at what Planned Parenthood clinics have been caught at, at many different locations, and ask yourself whether they should be trusted:

        1. Abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures for women in the United States. Fewer than 0.5% of women obtaining abortions experience a complication, and the risk of death associated with abortion is about one-tenth that associated with childbirth.

          If you want to end abortion because you think you know what is best for women you don’t know or care about, who you would not cross the street to help if they – or their babies – were in need, then be a man about it and just say so. Don’t pretend this is about “safety.”

  2. Right to Life Is not one of my major issues, although I am generally a supporter of right to life. Despite McClatchey Rob;s Goebbels-like propaganda, if you look at the polling, this legislation will not lose any votes. The hard core pro-abortion group votes straight Democrat anyway, and the broad middle accepts restrictions on abortion as long as abortion is not totally banned.

    Abortion is big business and very profitable. These clinics that are whining now will, I am sure, get with the program and adopt all the safeguards for women in this bill, and stay in business. The Democrats will look like idiots by the 2014 elections.

  3. yeah…this bill has NOTHING to do with “safeguards for women” and Pravda -like statements like this are fooling noone. If you are gonna go the circuses route at least throw out a few bread crumbs to go with it. This is a LOSER, and, combined with the optics (unfair I admit) of the “attack on education” and the blatant out in the open buying of Tillis by the Toll Road Usury lobby, it is looking bad for us.

    1. Jeter is inviting a primary. ”Jobs” is a smokescreen for most any ideology under the sun, and indeed has been used by both Purdue and McCrory. Cutting the size and scope of government would have been a better standard to assert. Social issues are part of what makes the GOP coalition, and dissing them will encourage those who mainly look to those issues to challenge him. The danger is that some of those who focus mainly on social issues tend to screw up badly in other areas, as shown by Mike Huckabee on the national level and Skip Stam on the state level. Seeing Jeter fall to a Skip Stam clone would not be a step forward.

      Maybe Jeter is just showing he is a coward in the face of Moron Mondays. Will he sell out on Voter ID or Obamacare Medicaid expansion?

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