NC House GOP re-ups with Tillis, delays vote on other offices

It looks like we’re going to get two more years of Thom Tillis in the House chamber’s big chair.  It also looks like proposal to alter the majority leader job into two pieces got altered a little.  The office of “conference leader” is being created and added to the GOP leadership team in the chamber.

Tillis has confirmed his intention to retire from the House at the end of this session.  (Since members KNOW he will be gone regardless of what happens in the 2014 elections, it will be interesting to see how his ability to lead the House is affected.)

It’s kind of interesting that the caucus has decided to put off voting on conference leader, majority leader, majority whip, and speaker pro tem candidates until December.  Pro-Tillis forces had leaked the names of David Lewis and Ruth Samuelson as prime choices for promotion within the leadership.   Perhaps the deal is NOT AS DONE as some had thought.

The posts of Speaker Pro Tem and Majority Leader each have three candidates.  More may step forward between now and the December caucus vote.  Who knows?  Stay tuned.