NC-09: More from McCrae


Some things we’ve learned NO THANKS to this state’s worthless lazy drive by media:

(1) There may very well have been other paid operatives in Bladen County doing for the Democrats exactly (or worse than) what McCrae Dowless was doing for Mark Harris.

(2) There are credible reports coming out of Robeson County about a BOX of absentee ballots returned to the Robeson County Board of Elections office in Lumberton and left unattended on the doorstep.

(3)  The live-at-home daughter of a  longtime Democrat Robeson County and state board of elections member was on the state Democrat  Party payroll to campaign for Dan McCready while her dad was serving on said boards. 

(4)  A longtime Democrat Robeson County board of elections member — recently appointed chairman — donated more than 100 times to Democrat candidates (including Dan McCready) while serving on her county board.

(5) It appears the Robeson County  board of elections — quite possibly with the knowledge of the state board of elections — withheld important information about ballot harvesting in Robeson County by paid DC Democrat operatives from the recently-completed board of elections hearing about Mark Harris, McCrae Dowless, Bladen County, and The Ninth Congressional District.

Despite all that, one guyMark Harris operative McCrae Dowless — has been indicted and arrested by the daughter of Jim Hunt consigliere Franklin Freeman.

Meanwhile, the Raleigh establishment is patting itself on the back and doing victory laps while claiming our state’s elections have been “cleaned up.”  (*Riiiiiiiiiiight.*)

We told you about the politics dream team at WRAL — led by Mister Laura Leslie and her his its (gotta be, um, gender-sensitive, y’all) hag Mister Fain — getting Dowless’s legal defense fundraising page at GoFundMe deep-sixed.

Well, in the wake of the arrest and indictment, Dowless has set up a new page at a new fundraising site. 

In case, Messrs. Fain and Leslie get the burning urge to try and kill THIS effort, we’ve screen-shot Dowless’s  personal statement from the page:

We welcome any members of the driveby media who want to join us in sifting through this sliminess.  If you’re ignoring it because you don’t like ME or THIS SITE, you aren’t hurting me.  You’re failing in your duty to all of those readers and viewers who count on you to keep watch on things they don’t have time to.