NC-05: Yes, Virginia. You DO have a primary opponent.

maxresdefaultVirginia Foxx has enjoyed life in Washington.  She’s risen through the ranks to be a trusted adviser to House speaker John Boehner.  Like fellow GOPer Renee Ellmers,  Foxx has sided with the make-no-waves establishment against the wishes of folks back home begging for a serious fight against Barry Obama, amnesty for illegal aliens, and ObamaCare.

Well, one Forsyth County housewife, mother, and Army veteran has decided to make Foxx 112_foxx_nc05answer for decisions like that.  Pattie Curran has released an online video commercial explaining her decision to challenge Foxx’s reelection in the Fifth Congressional District’s 2016 GOP primary.

Curran has made statewide and national headlines by making her family’s health care struggles central to an aggressive fight to repeal ObamaCare.  Media outlets from Fox News, to NewsMax to The Washington Times have chronicles the monstrous medical bills she and her husband have accrued while caring for their seriously ill children in the era of ObamaCare.

Curran has been a familiar face in Tea Party activities across North Carolina. fox She’s confronted politicians from Kay Hagan to Richard Burr about their lack of resistance to ObamaCare’s implementation.  She made news recently with fellow activist Nicole Revels in this now-famous on-camera confrontation with state senator Jeff Tarte.

The Curran campaign has launched an official web site, as well as an online portal soliciting donations and volunteers.  The primary election will be held in May 2016. 

19 thoughts on “NC-05: Yes, Virginia. You DO have a primary opponent.

  1. Foxx should have retired years ago but unfortunately she keeps working for her party leadership (and against her constituents).

  2. Pattie’s voice is always heard when our legislators, state or Federal, need to be called out. She’s a vocal activist and she always represents “We the People”. She’s not going up there to make friends, and it’s nearly guaranteed that she won’t! But she’ll say the unpopular thing in DC… the TRUTH!

  3. I met Pattie at last year’s primaries supporting different candidates. But we respected each other’s opinions. That grew to friendship and now my support.

  4. My wife and I got to know Pattie years ago when our young son was diagnosed with a very similar illness that her children fight every day. We live in Washington State and Pattie has always been a beacon of hope and guidance to us. We are on the other side of the country and she cares about us, wants to help us, prays for us! She is a wonderful human being who has deep rooted values and understands what matters, family. She has not wavered on her beliefs or values once since we’ve known her. My only regret, is that we don’t live in North Carolina to give her our vote. She does have our support and will have our prayers.

  5. TEAM “We The People”. Pattie is one of us. Not an established politician that has forgotten what our founding fathers envisioned for our country. She is the real deal and can’t be bullied.

  6. Just when I was starting to lose hope, Pattie Curran to the rescue! This woman will represent the conservative movement well!

  7. I am so excited to see Pattie running in District 5! She brings honor, integrity, and conviction to this race. As a citizen, veteran, wife, and mom who has fought for years, alongside her fellow North Carolinians, to be heard by elected officials, you can believe that she will listen to her constituents.

  8. And with Jim Duncan’s announcement that he will run for Ellmers’ seat, things are looking up for the constituents who have been so betrayed by Ellmers.

    WANT CHANGE? Go to their websites, SIGN UP AND DONATE!! Even 5 bucks helps them!

  9. #WeNeedPattie campaign will make a noticeable difference in NC 5th District 2015-2016. Her Leadership will ignite grassroots volunteers across the voting district. Can’t wait to see her in action this coming year – many meet & greets yet to take place. Go,to her website and get on her list! You’ll be glad you did! Her personality is infectious.

  10. Virginia Foxx is a poster girl for term limits. When she first got to Congress, she remembered where she came from and was a voice of conservative reason. The longer she stayed, the more she has forgotten that and turned into just another beltway hack. The senile dinosaur Orrin Hatch is the prime example of the same process in the Senate.

  11. wow, from reading all the positive posts here about Curran, she sounds like a worthy replacement…I used to think Foxx was a great
    leader but have found that maybe not so much these days…

  12. Foxx’s recent record is what in the military would be called a target rich environment. Boehner is not popular with GOP grassroots voters, and it is so easy to wrap Boehner all around her. Polls show increasingly hard line attitudes toward illegal immigration, and Foxx was one of the NC Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty.

  13. Thank you Pattie for agreeing to do this. I have your back and will be there as a volunteer and get the word out and help whenever I can. I was so impressed when you stepped up to the plate when evil State Senator Tarte tried to push through mandatory vaccines for all children and adults with no exemptions. We know they will try again but we will be ready. Virginnia was good in the beginning but unfortunately she lost her way in DC just like Burr. Time to retire him as well.

    1. Don’t forget McHenry, who voted to fund the Obama amnesty executive order. He badly needs to go.

      1. True enough. That guy is worse than Foxx. Not sure about Mark Walker but not worried either, because I’ve never heard of NC-06 NOT having a Primary. Even formidable Howard Coble usually had one, and usually several, challengers every cycle. After his Boehner vote, I’d be surprised if Walker was an exception.

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