NAACP’s challenge to NC Voter ID running out of gas (and/or CASH)????

That’s what one could be led to think from reading this filing submitted to the federal court hearing this case by the high-powered, high-dollar law firm repping the NC NAACP.

Why would this Big Dog firm be bailing on this case which really just got started?  One could think MONEY.  (That’s what motivates lawyers more than anything.)  Perhaps the NAACP’s fundraising to support the anti-Voter ID fight is not going as well as they hoped.

Perhaps this BIG DOG firm looked at the case and realized what a stinker they have.  No one likes to have their name (or firm) attached to a flaming bag of poo (figuratively or literally).

If the Big Dog is out, that leaves less than a handful of leftist loonies from Durham carrying the water in the courtroom for the NAACP.  Surely, they’ll carry on as long as they can.  They have a base to please.  (And a fundraising campaign to fuel.)

Folks on our side shouldn’t get too giddy,  The voter ID law we’re getting is pretty weak.  Activist federal judges like James Wynn — thanks again for him, Richard Burr — have tied the state’s hands pretty tightly.