Morgan ally seeking Wake County NC Senate seat

Senator Richard Stevens (R)  of Cary announced his retirement today, and a candidate with close ties to former state Rep. David Miner and SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™ has announced her intention to seek the GOP nomination for Stevens’ seat.   Tamara Barringer, a Cary attorney and adjunct professor at UNC, and her husband, Brent, also an attorney and member of the UNC Board of Governors, have been long-time fixtures in Wake politics.

During Morgan’s reign of terror in the NC House, he appointed Tamara Barringer as a public member of a House committee.  During the 2004 campaign, Tamara Barringer served as a director of The North Carolina Republican Main Street Committee. (Raleigh political consultant Paul Shumaker, Morgan’s consultant at the time, and state Reps. Harold Brubaker (R-Asheboro) and Danny McComas (R-Wilmington) —  both Morgan allies in the House —  were also documented as  officials with the committee. )   The Main Street Committee raised money and ran ads that spoke favorably of “leaders like Speaker Richard Morgan.”  

The NC Senate lost one Morgan ally with the resignation of Senator Debbie Clary.  If things go well for Barringer in May and November, it will all be a wash for Team Morgan.

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  1. ——————————————————————-Brent and Tamara were the directors of Richard Morgan’s ‘Mainstreet Committee’ 527 PAC back when it received a $100K contribution from S&M tobacco, and just before Morgan changed his standard vote on a bill requiring small tobacco distributors to pay taxes as big tobacco does. [Morgan was kicked out of the Party on a 13 count ‘Party Disloyalty’ violation under NCGOP’s Plan of Organization; Brubaker and McComas resigned from the GOP Exec Comm.]

    Brent represented David Miner before Wake Comms re hiring him at $5-10K a month to lobby for Wake at the GA, while Judy K, Chris F, David B. and myself argued against it. I had a copy of the blank check Jim Black gave Miner, I made a report of Miner’s drunken cursing, spitting and threatening lobbyists,a journalist and civilians at the barr at Sullivans during a dinner sponsored by Phoenix Univ (he was mad for being referred to as a RIN0).

    Brent’s argument was was that Miner worked well with Morgan, Black and Beason. When he addressed our presentation he claimed he had talked w/ Black and Culpepper about the incident and that they denied it although they were the ones to drag Miner out of the room. Basnight’s black lady attny was there (Wiliams?) Kerra Bolton (Cit-Times) was threatened, Rufus E, cigar and his flacks were there and witnessed everything. It was a big story the next day at the Leg. 😉

    Tony Gurly was my com padre in this presentation but Commish Mary Lou or Betty Lou (?) – the nutty woman commish – about had an anuerism and told me I could not say such things about a respected biz man. The Cty attny disagreed w/ Mary Lou (whatever) and Gurly backed him up.

    Then Brent got up and accused me of slander and Mary Lou went to the bathroom. I sent Brent and email later and explained the definition of slander/defamation, the tests that have to be met and proven and how by publicly referring to me in this way he was in fact slandering/defaming me.

    It was also pointed out to the Comm that things were not looking good for Morgan’s reelection and that Black had been indicted; and that Wake already had 13 reps/sens, and that it might be best to wait before making any decision.

    Tamara was Pres of the Cary GOP Woman’s club but that’s all I know about that. 😉

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