Moore County Tea Partiers get in Robin Hayes’s face

Dee Park, president of Moore Tea Citizens, tried to pull off a stunt on Sept. 10 akin to a permanent peace agreement between cats and dogs.  She brought in North Carolina GOP chairman Robin Hayes to address her group– not exactly a Hayes fan club to start off with — at their monthly meeting.

Of course, Hayes’s on-camera rant before North Carolina delegates at the national convention in Tampa was a hot topic.  Bill Cochrane, a fellow blogger and Tea Partier here in Moore County, justifiably decided to dispense with the diplomacy and hit the NCGOP chairman with some blunt questions about the Tampa video.  (It’s good to see that the dissembling and lying skills Robin picked up while he  was in Congress are still serving him well.) 

Bill got his dialogue with Hayes on video, and put together a nice commentary about the experience.

I watched both videos.  It troubled me to hear Hayes suggest at the Moore County meeting that the rules changes “do not affect North Carolina.”  Well, why hold a vote on the measure?  Why even discuss it with the delegates if it has no bearing on North Carolina?  I have read a lot of information about the RNC rules changes.  I haven’t seen a single report about an exemption for North Carolina.

At the Moore County meeting, Hayes suggested that Morton Blackwell was intruding in the Tampa meeting.  If you watch the video of the Tampa meeting, you will hear that some delegates invited Blackwell — a leading opponent of the rules changes — to brief the North Carolina delegation.  Sources tell me the meeting on the video was called — in the first place — to serve as an educational experience for the delegates.  It would make sense for the delegates to hear from informed experts on both sides of the issue. 

Hayes — at the Moore County meeting — dismissed Bill’s accusation that he was rude to Blackwell in Tampa.  The NCGOP chairman claimed Blackwell is a “friend” who he has the highest respect for. Again, I watched the Tampa video.  I guess all of Robin’s eye rolls and cheek puffs and sarcastic comments evident on the video were his way of showing his friendship and respect for Blackwell.   Much of Hayes’s disrespect for Blackwell came AFTER he left the room.  The NCGOP chairman – on video — went on a rant demanding to know who the #$@! invited Blackwell to the meeting. 

Hayes told my friend Bill on 9/10 that he wanted to keep the rules change discussion “within the family.”  Hayes limited Blackwell to “two or three minutes” but gave an RNC rules committee stooge as much time as he needed to brief the delegates.

The Moore County video was further evidence that Hayes and the Raleigh crowd are trying to spin their way out of the on-camera mess they made in Tampa.  (I don’t think this meeting in Southern Pines helped.)



6 thoughts on “Moore County Tea Partiers get in Robin Hayes’s face

  1. Dee Park is a GOP operative disguised as a Tea Party Activist. She illustrates how the Tea Party ahs been largely co-opted by the corrupt GOP establishment.

  2. I am the One who invited Mr. Blackwell, It was a total snow job on Mr. Hayes part. In addition it was not the whole delgation who voted on it, it was a small group who wanted to talk about it, the whole NC delegation did not even talk about it as a group and vote. In addition, during the vote at the convention they never asked for our vote, the just made it up, they never polled us for our vote for president, vp or on the rules change. I think he should have to resign for not doing his job, It was his job as the NC chairman to make sure thing ran fair and he bullied the whole group and did not follow the rules. You ask any delegate if he was polled! The answer will be no! It was the NC Vice Chair job to do this on the floor and he never did. The NC delegation should ask both of them to resign. Henry Heitman

  3. Hayes is a crooked man with a thirst for power. The guy is lying through his teeth the entire time. It was clear he was bullying people for disagreeing with him in the first video, and he was a complete ass to Blackwell. It’s a shame I’ve put as much effort into TRYING to like Hayes, but I simply can’t stand the man anymore. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s opinion but his own, and if you disagree, he’ll sick his drones on you and attack you in front of his entire delegation.

    The rules changes gave all the power to the national committee, and Hayes could have cared less. He screamed and moaned until he got his way and somehow in his sick mind has convinced himself that it was a “fair show.” The guy is obviously senile.

    I’m not a tea-partier, I find that such a huge percentage have been co-opted at this point, they consist more of neo-conservative theocrats than actual constitutionalist like they once were, which greatly saddens me. Fortunately, this video coming from a tea party group greatly brings back a little faith in the Tea Party movement and I hope they recover to what they originally were.

    I hope more people see how crooked Hayes is, the videos of how he actually treats people that don’t buy his brand of lies are simply disgusting and not the demeanor of a state chairman. I will do everything I possibly can to keep another Hayes from coming in after he retires. I hope his past haunts him in his old age and he comes to realize the damage he’s done to the people dependent on him.

  4. It is Hayes who is the outside intruder. He is nothing but a sorry stooge for DC beltway interests. Hayes cares nothing about North Carolina or its GOP and sells us out to the DC beltway crowd at every opportunity. Blackwell is the true friend of the grassroots.

    None of the Cobey line of Chairmen, from Bill Cobey to Robin Hayes has given two cents for North Carolina interests. They have all been sock puppets for the DC beltway interests. Now they apparently want to annoint Wayne King, another DC beltway lap puppy as Hayes’ successor. The rumor is that Hayes will resign before his term is over, so they can muscle in King through the executive committee and let him run as an incumbent at the convention. That is a despicable power play that needs to be stopped in its tracks by whatever means possible. King is a worse sleazeball than even Hayes.

  5. ” It was the NC Vice Chair job to do this on the floor and he never did.”

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Tim Johnson. 😉

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