Moore County D.A.’s race: incumbent Krueger OUT, challenger Hardin now unopposed.


It was looking to be a tough reelection bid for Maureen Krueger anyway.  A lot of people are still angry at her for so publicly meddling in the last sheriff’s race.  And then there was the episode where she struck a deal with  a suspect  for  probation for a fatal hit-and-run. 


Krueger has confirmed that she won’t be on the ballot in 2020 — citing “other plans.”   That leaves Republican Mike Hardin — the chief deputy prosecutor for Hoke County (and previously Hoke and Scotland Counties) as the lone choice for voters in Moore and Hoke Counties in March 2020.


There’s still time for someone else to jump in the race.  (And I’m sure discussions about just that type of thing are being held in legal circles in Carthage and Raeford as we speak.)

3 thoughts on “Moore County D.A.’s race: incumbent Krueger OUT, challenger Hardin now unopposed.

  1. Hardin is a Republican? That’s news to me. He voted for Obama twice. That’s one of the problems in Moore County. People switch their party affiliation just to get the vote and end up screwing up the da*n town

    1. It’s not just a Moore County problem. Beaufort County has two recent Obama Democrats turned Republicans that have been elected to the county commission. They were also elected to the 2019 county Republican executive committee in the same convention that worked hard to purge all conservatives.
      And we wonder about the emergence of the Constitution Party.

    2. Just curious…Did Hardin endorse Obama in public? How do you know he voted for Obama?

      Only asking because I follow his social media pages and he seems pretty conservative and pro-Trump.

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