Moore Campaign ’22: “You’re in danger? Sorry. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

We’ve all heard the anecdotes — and, yes, JOKES — about government workers not WORKING very hard.  We thought we heard it all until we heard about the Moore County Clerk’s office halting ALL filing  at 3PM.  That’s sort of puzzling given the hours of operation provided to the public:

Soooooo — if you come in at 3:01 PM during the week seeking to do business with the clerk of court’s office,  you will be told you’ll have to come back tomorrow.  Even if you are, say, seeking a protective order in the wake of some domestic violence.  

Here is some audio featuring a woman speaking with a female employee of the clerk’s office.  The woman making the request  — who knew she was being recorded — told the clerk’s employee that she needed a protective order.  (The woman making the request entered the clerk’s office shortly after 3PM.)

The clerk’s employee can be heard showing the woman the forms she needed, as well as explaining the  basic parts of the process of obtaining a protective order.  The employee goes on to tell this taxpayer / voter that the office is done filing stuff at 3PM.  (Never mind the posted office hours say they close at 5PM.)

The clerk’s employee also can be heard recommending to the inquiring woman that she instead head over to a local non-profit specializing in helping battered women.

So,  as taxpayers and voters, what are we to make of a county office that says it is open for business until 5PM,  but refuses to help anyone after 3PM?