Memo to NCGA: More CUTS before MORE confiscation …



Legislation to address the state’s debt to the federal government is moving its way along Jones Street.  Basically, the plan calls for: (1) cutting back the amount of payments to the unemployed, and (2) increasing the amount of unemployment tax that employers and workers have to pay.   So, once again, hardworking taxpayers are being asked to sacrifice, while state government is not sacrificing a thing.  

Taking more money out of circulation in the private sector, and dumping it into the public sector, is NOT the best way to spur economic growth.

Here’s an interesting idea for the Raleigh  “conservative revolution” to ponder:  Why not implement a program of serious austerity in state government before asking US to fork over even more of our lawfully- and hard-earned money? 

Need some ideas on what to cut?  Well, for starters, The North Carolina Zoo is begging to get off the state dole.  I say we grant them their wish, and use the savings to address the debt to the feds.   Another great target is,oh, NINETY PERCENT (particularly all of the “Programs” and “Internal Services” categories) OF THIS PAGE from the web site for the state Department of Administration.  Almost NONE of this — including each six figure salaried “executive director” —  is essential to the conduct of the state’s business.  Zero it out. 

I know that those two things are a drop in the bucket, when it comes to state spending.  But I am SURE there is much more that could be cut or eliminated.  State leaders need to make a serious stab at firming up the state budget before coming after what’s left in our wallets.