Meanwhile, over at the early voting polls …



A friend who was working the early voting polls for the GOP checked in with me to share a recent experience at an area polling place. He said he noticed a van with the same driver making regular trips to the early voting station.  The same man was always at the wheel, but it was a different batch of passengers — all black folks — each time.

After watching about six of the van trips occur, my friend walked over to talk to the driver.  The driver told him he was from Atlanta, and had been hired by the DNC to haul low-income voters to the early voting locations.

My friend said he and his fellow GOP workers attempted to lobby many of the black voters disembarking from the van.  The GOPers had marked sample ballots showing the GOP candidates, and gave quick spiels about the virtues of voting for the GOP ticket.

Nearby Democrat Party poll workers began to get concerned about the level of interest the black voters were showing the GOP workers.  My friend said one of the Democrat workers approached a group of black voters he was pitching to, and interrupted with:

“You don’t want this guy’s ballot.  OURS is the one with Barack Obama on it.  This is the one with Barack and his team on it.”

Nice. A lot like a kindergarten teacher talking to her students.   No discussion of issues.  Simply — “Here’s who Barack likes.”  The Democrat Party spends a lot of time talking about how Republicans and conservatives have no respect for black folks.   The tactics employed at this polling place by those Democrat operatives suggest a lot of the pot calling the kettle black.