MAJOR #FAIL# : GOP majority in Raleigh drops ball on proposed gas tax cap

The North Carolina Republican Party’s official web site includes a long list of things “We Believe,”  including THIS GEM:

We Believe… government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of their own money they earn.

Really?  Someone needs to remind those GOP legislators we rewarded with a majority in both chambers in  November 2010.  The state gas tax — third highest in the nation, 20 cents per gallon higher than Virginia’s, 22 cents higher than South Carolina’s — was increased by 3.9 cents per gallon today THANKS to the failure of the GOP majority in Raleigh to pass a gas tax cap. The state House passed the gas tax cap easily, but the Senate adjourned without dealing with the House bill.

What were you folks in Raleigh afraid of?  You were sent up there in November 2010 with a mandate to cut taxes and the size of government.  THIS gas tax cap was covered by that mandate.  Were you afraid  Boss Bev might veto the bill?  LET HER!  With people suffering in this economy, and things continuing to slide into the toilet, vetoing a gas tax cap would be the final nail in her political coffin.

It’s stuff like this that makes the average North Carolinian believe that all of this “limited government” talk coming out of NCGOP HQ in Raleigh is exactly THATTALK.

Seriously.  Why do we need a gas tax 20 cents per gallon higher than Virginia’s?  22 cents higher than South Carolina?  Third highest in the U.S.?  Why?  You can’t claim growth in population as an excuse.  You could lower the rate, and the increased number of drivers would bring you as much — if not more — revenue.  According to a Charlotte TV station, A DOT bureaucrat tried to pass the blame for the gas tax off to the oil companies.  Really?  Does Exxon have a vote in the General Assembly? 

Failing to cap this tax — and get it under control — is a slap in the face to small gas station owners trying to make ends meet, as well as to millions of North Carolinians trying to keep their heads above water in this horrid economy.  (So is blaming a tax increase on the oil companies and independent station owners.) 

Polls from the Iowa caucuses show that the #1 voter concern is electing someone who can provide relief to taxpayers and turn the economy around.  (Pssst.  Hey, Mr. and Ms. Legislator in Raleigh.  That stuff is pretty important to us HERE to0.)