An interesting way for conservatives to send McCrory & co. a message

So far, it looks like ol’ Pat has no primary competition, and everyone is being told to go ahead and get on board with Team McCrory for November.  I remember, earlier in the year in a town near Wilmington, a group of business people — upset with their one-and-only-one choice for mayor — put Disney character Donald Duck on the ballot.

Why not put John Galt, from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged on the May primary ballot?  There is a precedent for something like this.

Campaign signs and bumper stickers could be printed up.  Ads could be run.  “Galt” could run on a platform of limited government.

Republicans will already be going to the polls for the presidential vote. So, it would not require extra government spending.

If Galt pulls 15-20-25-30-35 percent or more against McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor will be sent a powerful message:  A big chunk of voters out there want a hardcore assault on the bureaucracy.    (If ol’ Pat loses to a fictional character, that’s another lesson entirely for state party leaders.)

Just a thought.  (Just sayin’.) 


PLAN B:  Retired business and economics professor Douglas Schell — a pretty serious libertarian — has announced his intentions to run for governor in 2012.  This guy could be a pretty credible protest vote in May.  If he gets a sizable percentage in May, it may cause Team McCrory to sit up, take notice, and start taking conservatives seriously.