Look at me! I’m on TV !!!

Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning, Jr. is quite passionate about educating North Carolina’s children.  He is so passionate about it that he often tiptoes up to the line, which separates the state’s legislative and judicial branches, and calls for  changes in education policy that require significantly more government spending.  He’s been doing this for years, and continues even this year — as the state attempts to balance its budget in the face of a potentially serious economic disaster.

Manning is the N&O’s favorite elected Republican. Leftists cheer his work, while constantly reminding those of us in the common sense caucus that Manning IS a Republican.  Manning runs around the state giving speeches to groups like the NAACP, talking about how wonderful he is and how much he loves the little children (and how we need to PAY MORE for all of those little children).

In recent weeks, leftists have been hoping Manning would hand down another ruling thwarting the conservative majority’s efforts to trim state spending for the coming fiscal year.

 Those of us who are not wowed by Manning’s antics on the bench can take some pleasure in this gem from WRAL’s 2010 archive.  In the video, you see reporter Amanda Lamb delivering a somber report about a mother charged with murdering her 19 month old child.  Suddenly, Judge Manning pops into view behind her, smiles, waves, and dances a jig, before walking out of view.

 The spectacle reminds me of those idiots you see bouncing around behind sideline reporters at live televised sporting events mouthing “Hi Mom.” 

As you watch this piece of idiocy,  remember that this is the “wise man”  that so many on the left in this state rely on as they scheme to pry more money out of our wallets to pay even more for a public education system that does not work.