Let’s Make A Deal: Pinehurst resort, Moore County seek land swap





The Moore County commissioners will have a public hearing this month to discuss a possible deal with the Pinehurst Resort in advance of the 2014 U.S Open.  County attorney Misty Leland authored a memo to the board giving some background details:

Moore County owns two tracts of land, “Well Site #4” (ParID 00025982) and “Well Site
#14” (ParID 87000262), located at 212 Ridgewood Road, Pinehurst, North Carolina,
28374 and 2 Beulah Hill Road South, Pinehurst, North Carolina, 28374, respectively. The
respective acreages of said lots are 0.72 acres and 0.92 acres. Both of these parcels
contain well sites, expected to be abandoned in October 2012.

Pinehurst, LLC desires to acquire these two parcels for purposes related to the upcoming
2014 United States Open in exchange for two adjacent parcels of land (ParID 00024967;
ParID 20100145) located at 290 East McCaskill Road, Pinehurst, North Carolina, 28374.
Said parcels were formerly held in fee simple by Pinehurst, LLC and gifted to Pinehurst
Rescue Squad, Inc. by Deeds of Gift (Book 416, Page 851; Book 3750, Page 571),
subject to a Right of Reverter in Pinehurst, LLC as to both parcels. For purposes related
to the consummation of this transaction, Pinehurst Rescue Squad, Inc has now
relinquished all interests it owns in said parcels to Pinehurst, LLC.

Such exchanges are governed by G.S. 160A-271, which requires local governments to
receive “a full and fair consideration for its property” in any exchange that may take
place for its property.[…]

“Well Site #4” (ParID 00025982) has a tax value of $18,290. “Well Site #14” (ParID 87000262)
has a tax value of $58,910. The total tax value of the properties to be exchanged by the County of
Moore is $77,200.
The two parcels owned by Pinehurst LLC and identified as ParID 00024967 and ParID 20100145
have tax values of $177,240 and $133,140, respectively. The total tax value of the properties to be
acquired by the County of Moore is $310,380. […]

The hearing will be held on October 16 at the Old Courthouse in Carthage.  (Who knew that the resort owned the rescue squad building? What happens to the rescue squad now?  Will they stay in the building?  Why does the resort want these well sites for the U.S. Open? )