Let’s Get ready to RUMBLE: Thilli$ vs. Forest ?

If you believe social media — (and why shouldn’t you) — IT is apparently ON LIKE KING-KONG.  Check out what we stumbled across on Facebook today:

If you notice, this appears to be sponsored  by something called The Principled Leadership Fund.  Their website features images of people like Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and Rand Paul.  So, it doesn’t seem like a pack of establishment wussies.  (You know, folks that would like Thom.) 

We dug a little deeper.  According to FEC filings, the treasurer for the group is a guy out of Raleigh named Cabell Hobbs.  He has been involved in senatorial and gubernatorial races across the country in recent years.  One of Hobbs’s more notable affiliations has been with Ted Cruz for Senate.     Hobbs was also treasurer for Greg Brannon’s 2016 US Senate and US House runs.

Is this PAC referencing a 2020 primary for US Senate — or for Governor?  (The latest word we’re hearing is that it is more likely for the governor’s race, and that senator Phil Berger would like to change the letters in front of his title from NC to US.) 

By the way, Elon released a poll showing ol’ Thom rocking a 29 percent approval rating statewide.  Twenty-nine percent! (THAT is even lower than his conservative rating [35%]!)

9 thoughts on “Let’s Get ready to RUMBLE: Thilli$ vs. Forest ?

  1. The first round of the Tillis vs. Forest primary will happen in a few weeks in Wilmington, where Team Tillis, myself and my sidekick Robin Hayes, will face Team Forest, Jim Womack.

    We will be just as one-sided with party resources in favor of Tillis as we were with party resources for Burr against his primary opponents and with pushing Robin Hayes against Womack. We have already struck one blow by undermining Dan Forest on that bathroom privacy stuff.

    And look at how we suckered Forest into appearing to back Robin Hayes in that Hayes campaign mailer entitled a ”shareholder report” we ,mailed to delegates at party expense. Nifty, huh?

    Womack may even be fool enough to actually be fair in using party resourcesm but fairness is for weaklings.

  2. I differ with Senator Tillis on several issues. For arguments sake let’s say Dan Forest were to run against Tillis in a primary. There is no doubt that my vote would be for the Lt. Gov, a no brainer. However if Mr. Berger was to be the primary opponent of Senator Thom, Senator Thom would have a hard core supporter.

    I could not in any way ever vote for Phil Sr. in any capacity. I am waiting for him to be unseated in a primary contest for his current seat. In fact I would be thrilled the fact even a Democrat would unseat him. Where are term limits when you need them.

    His leadership in the NC Republican Senate has been a disaster and all his doing His love of power, money and his need for attention appears his to be his only modus operandi for political existence.

    Senator Berger has never met a microphone or camera he didn’t love. I have the feeling Mr. Berger quite possibly may be relegated to Senate minority leader in after the 2018 election.

    Senator Berger you are a legend in your own mind.

    1. Dear Too Much, you are wrong about Senator Phil Berger, he alone with the help of the Senate has been the driving force for conservative ideas in Raleigh. Remember it was the Senate that pushed tax reform, regulatory reform, education reform, limited budget spending, and it goes on etc.
      The House only watered down the intent of what the senate was trying to accomplish. You don’t have to like him but you have to acknowledge he is been the driving force of conservatism in Raleigh, otherwise it’s just personal.

      1. Phil Berger was a hero until he started thinking about running for higher office. Then he went all wobbly. Gone were his backbone and principles. I wonder if some mushy headed consultant like Stewart or Shumaker is leading him astray.

        HB2 was the clincher where Berger sold out the GOP base to the corporate bullies and the Gaystapo. That was utterly shameful surrender monkey behavior, It even makes you wonder about Berger’s own gender identity these days and if he might be coming out soon as Phyllis Berger.

        Whatever the cause, Phil Berger has made a Jekyll to Hyde personality change, and the new Berger is far, far less appealing than the old Berger.

        Mark Meadows is the guy we need as our Senate candidate in 2020. We have too many cowardly wishy-washy surrender monkeys in the Senate caucus in DC as it is. As shown by his HB2 cave-in, Berger would just be one more. Mark Meadows is a breath of fresh air who fights for principle.

        Meadows for Senate and Forest for Governor in 2020!

      2. RINO Hunter:

        Amen, brother!

        Senator Berger has been largely responsible for all conservative legislation that has gotten through Raleigh over the last 6 years.

        1. If Berger had stayed the course and kept the focus on principle and the backbone to fight, I would agree with you. However, Berger 2.0 as demonstrated by his shameful surrender on HB2 is NOT the Berger we have seen in the past, and it shows precisely the traits of cowardice, surrender, and abandonment of principle that we do NOT need any more of in DC. The new Berger looks a whole lot like Thom Tillis and we do NOT need that.

          1. Correct. How could we ever trust that man again? If he’ll surrender on something as important to his own Party as HB2, who knows what he’d do with six LONG years in DC.

  3. Wow, Forest for Governor and Meadows for Senate! That would be made in heaven! They would have NC on top!

  4. Principled PAC is a scam organization designed to separate gullible people from their money. They will spend nothing in support of Forest except fundraising for themselves.

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