Let the boycotts begin !!!!







Predictably, the compassionate, tolerant granolas are going ape over The Tar Heel State’s approval of the marriage amendment yesterday.  After you weed through all the nasty “backwards,”  “hillbilly,”  “redneck,” “barefoot and toothless,” and “bible-thumper’ insults from the tolerance crowd, you get to some serious calls for action.  Some of the reports I’ve seen:

  • Liberal interest groups demanding that Obama move the DNC convention to another state.
  • Anti-amendment groups calling for no visits to counties that approved the amendment.  (That would limit the granolas’ movements to Watauga County (Boone), Buncombe (Asheville), Mecklenburg (Charlotte), Durham,  Wake (Raleigh), Guilford (Greensboro) and Orange (Chapel Hill) counties.  Pretty much where they all live now, anyway. )

My reaction?  What’s taking so long?  Get to it, folks.  Boycott away !!!