Lefties, driveby get a good laugh at the expense of those church people and THEIR guns

N&O cub reporter Colon Campbell has escaped from the men’s room to have some fun at the expense of an Iredell County church:

Gun owners could bring weapons to church services held at school buildings under a bill that passed the N.C. House Monday night.

House Bill 174 would allow guns at K-12 schools used for church services – but only when no school-related activities are being held, and only for people with concealed handgun permits.

(By the way, the screaming headline above Colon’s piece reads like this:  NC House votes to allow guns in schools – but only during church services)

*Guns at school!  There go those wacky church people again!*   (I bet they don’t let guys in drag use their ladies rooms EITHER!)  MORE:

[…] The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Rena Turner of Iredell County, successfully added an amendment to the bill Monday saying guns still wouldn’t be allowed at public school facilities “owned by a local board of education or county commission,” even if they were rented for a church service. Turner did not respond to an inquiry about the amendment Tuesday. She explained Monday her amendment would “clarify that if a school has posted that they don’t want guns on their property, they would follow that.”

Turner said a church in her district requested the legislation.

“They’re a very welcoming church – no snakes, no funny business going on,” but some of its overseas missions make members worry the church might become a target for terrorists, Turner said. “They feel particularly vulnerable at their services. They want their security team to be able to protect their parishioners if there should be an emergency.”

Current law bans guns from all school properties but does allow legal gun owners to store their weapons inside parked cars. […] 

For you kooky lefties laughing yourself silly about the concept of terrorism at church, stop and think back a few years to an incident at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.    Leftist protesters are loudly attacking and disrupting Catholic church services in the northeast and in California.  Murder, mayhem and explosions are marring church services all across the world — thanks to practitioners of “the religion of peace.”

The church I attend includes among its congregation members a number of law enforcement officers as well as active and retired members of some quite bad-ass special operations units at Fort Bragg.  I would be willing to bet that there are more than enough concealed weapons inside that church building on any given Sunday.

Enough with the giggling and mocking.  Let these people defend themselves in accordance with their constitutional rights.  And MOVE ON.