Lawsuit alleges teacher fired for being anti-CRT. (WHERE are the GOP, NCGOP?)


To recap:  We’ve had 12 years of GOP control of The General Assembly.  That period included four years where the GOP had the governor’s office AND the legislature. We’ve had two consecutive GOP superintendents of public instruction.  We’ve had majorities on UNC governing boards AND the state board of education.  Yet, we still have a problem of socialist indoctrination, as well as harassment of conservative teachers and students, in public classrooms across North Carolina.

I’ve had adjunct affiliations with a number of public institutions across the state.  One in particular regularly sends out “all-staff” e-mails advising male employees to “check their privilege at the door.”  I’ve heard a lot worse horror stories from other institutions of higher learning and their staffers.

This past week, we learned that an instructor at the NC Governor’s School filed suit alleging he was terminated for daring to criticize critical race theory:

[…] In the suit, filed by legal the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal advocacy group, Dr. David Phillips alleges that the Governor’s School of North Carolina (NCGS), a publicly funded summer program, fired him without explanation after he criticized the school’s embrace of “racially divisive ideology.”

Philips claims that NCGS adopted a social approach that views members of society “through the lens of characteristics like race, sex and religion” and labels them as “perpetual oppressors or victims” based on group membership.

The professor, who taught at the school for eight years, held three optional summers over the summer where he critiqued critical race theory, as well as a lack of diversity in viewpoints in higher education. He also urged attendees to examine speech through a lens of “speech-act theory,” which asserts that the meaning of linguistic expression can be explained in terms of rules governing their use in performing various speech acts, such as commanding and warning. 

The lawsuit states that Phillips was met by “open hostility” following the conclusion of each lecture by both students and staff. It also claims that audience members “attacked whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality and Christianity” when making comments and asking questions at the seminars. 

Philips also alleges that he was fired the day after his third and final seminar without explanation and learned that staff complained about his seminars but was never approached to address their concerns nor was an investigation opened. He was allegedly told that he could not appeal the decision. 

ADF attorney Hal Frampton said education officials, in firing Phillips, violated his constitutional right to free speech and “unlawfully retaliated against him” for standing against the school’s “ideological orthodoxy.”

“In an academic environment committed to exploring a wide range of differing viewpoints, as the Governor’s School claims to be, no teacher should be fired for offering a reasoned critique of critical theory,” ADF Senior Counsel Hal Frampton said in a press release. 

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 

In a previous comment to Fox 17, the NC DPI said: “Mr. Phillips was an employee of Governor’s School during summer 2021. The Department of Public Instruction maintains that it fully complied with all legal requirements. However, as this is a personnel matter, no additional information can be shared at this time.”

Phillip’s termination comes after several other teachers over the past year claimed that they were fired under similar circumstances. […]

Where is the concern over protections for First Amendment rights of faculty and students?  Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, DPI boss Catherine Truitt, AND treasurer Dale Folwell ALL sit on the state board of education.  Has anyone heard anything out of those three?  Or seen ANY action? Where are all those GOP appointees to UNC boards?  Where are all our GOP legislators?

What good is being in charge, if the folks in charge won’t take bold action?

It sounds like Truitt’s DPI is running interference to help screw Dr. Phillips over.

In 1963, The General Assembly passed a ban on anyone speaking at public campuses who advocated for overthrowing the US Constitution or who was a known member of The Communist Party or some other subversive organization.  The lefties threw a fit.  Their First Amendment rights were being violated, they said. In 1968, a state court threw the ban out.  Now, the lefties have an iron grip on our public education system, and they have developed amnesia about their feelings on the 1960s speaker ban.  Now that they are the majority in the system, the First Amendment is WHAT THEY SAY IT IS. 

How about SOMEONE finally taking a good solid stand for academic freedom and respect for diverse opinions in our public education institutions?  Anyone? (Bueller?)