”Just — stop it. STOP IT.”

B0CEefXIIAAPK8OncgopWe’ve heard a lot of grumbling about NCGOP HQ’s performance this campaign season.  They’ve been AWOL while the libs go full-bore slanderous on the GOP majority in the General Assembly.  (Chairman Claude Pope took off to Scotland to play some golf.) The Republican troops are being “rallied” by anger-inducing  figures like Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. 

Cries of ‘WTF?’ and ‘WTH?’ from appalled conservatives have been echoing across the hills and plains from Murphy to Manteo. 

Now, it appears national conservatives are joining us in our face-palm moment. Twitchy — the site founded by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and her husband and now owned by the same folks who run Townhall and RedState –– appears to be quite appalled at the NCGOP’s latest PR stunt.

The recent College Republican alumni who run things at NCGOP HQ are sending someone around to various North Carolina landmarks dressed as a duck and holding — what they think are — amusing signs. The folks at Twitchy posted several reactions to the NCGOP PR campaign from all kinds of conservatives on Twitter:


It keeps going downhill :



AND last but not least:


And THAT is coming from conservatives.  We’ll leave you with a final quote from Twitchy’s article:

Get it together, NC GOP.

15 thoughts on “”Just — stop it. STOP IT.”

  1. And we’re also pumped over how much help they’re giving the judicial candidates. You know, judges? The one branch of govt. in NC that can still gum things up? Oh, they’re not really doing ANYTHING for the judges? Yeah, it’s the grassroots, the TEA party groups, local GOP groups, etc. doing the work. I’m not sure anyone at GOP HQ knows there are any other political races in NC this year other than the Senate race.

  2. If I hadn’t seen it HERE…I wouldn’t have believed it. I have no words.

    Is this the best they can muster?

  3. And in the primary they (Hayes and the NCGOP staffers) got a preacher to run for US Senate so that their man Tillis could win. The Democrats thank them for it daily.

  4. Sounds like they are trying to make Chairman Voller look good. At one time I thought no one could upstage Chairman Randy but time to rethink taking out the trash.

  5. They could have had some one dress up as an American trying to squeeze money out of their budget to pay their Obamacare premium.
    As an American being told they’re too old for this procedure. Take a pain pill.
    As an American standing in line at a Veteran’s hospital.
    As an American on an in country flight with a traveler from West Africa.
    As an American trying to explain to their child that, according to the new math, some times 2+2 does equal 7.
    As an American being killed by jihadtist at our Southern border.
    As an American being told, ” You didn’t build that.”
    As an American, looking for a home in Panama.

  6. I know Claude Pope, I went to college with him. Nice guy but the quintessential country club Republican. God Bless Claude but gimme a poor, hungry, free market guy or gal any day of the week.

  7. Leave this street theatre to the left. Why are they not doing more for the judges? Or to counter Blueprint?

    Why are we not getting more direction from the Central Committee? Are there too many rubber stamps sitting there?

  8. McCain campaigns for Tillis in Eastern NC…. this is WAY WORSE news. It is as if Tillis and his campaign people have not the slightest clue what has happened in the world the last 20 years. Sheesh. McCain and Jeb “helping” Thom in NC??? Who are going to bring next, … Oprah?? Obama??

    1. Yep. Hearing John McCain on the Eastern Carolina ‘Tom and Sadie Show’ pretty much sealed my vote. I’m writing in John Rhodes; for sure.

      1. The polls show that fighting illegal immigration is the number one issue for Republican voters this election, and Tillis brings in two members of the pro-amnesty Gang of 8, McCain and Graham, to campaign for him, as well as major amnesty cheerleader, Jeb Bush. Are his campaign advisers hooked on ”stupid pills”??? They are as dumb as a pile of bricks. They are motivating GOP voters to avoid Tillis this election, not turn out for him.

  9. What is with all the bad language? Don’t you folks have enough sense to be able to express disgust without a filthy mouth.

    You sound more like liberals with your language than you do conservatives.

    Have some dignity!!! Some moral values!!! Build yourself a respectable vocabulary.

  10. I would like to see a charity fundraiser that would feature Pope and Voller in a debate about NC politics. The moderator could be anyone who did not speak English. Questions would be asked of each party chair in gibberish and they would respond in gibberish. Except they would think they were making good sense. I would pay good money to see the two debate if there was an open bar for 2 hours preceding the comedy. If you got drunk enough something said might make sense. Or not.

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