”Just — stop it. STOP IT.”

B0CEefXIIAAPK8OncgopWe’ve heard a lot of grumbling about NCGOP HQ’s performance this campaign season.  They’ve been AWOL while the libs go full-bore slanderous on the GOP majority in the General Assembly.  (Chairman Claude Pope took off to Scotland to play some golf.) The Republican troops are being “rallied” by anger-inducing  figures like Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. 

Cries of ‘WTF?’ and ‘WTH?’ from appalled conservatives have been echoing across the hills and plains from Murphy to Manteo. 

Now, it appears national conservatives are joining us in our face-palm moment. Twitchy — the site founded by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin and her husband and now owned by the same folks who run Townhall and RedState –– appears to be quite appalled at the NCGOP’s latest PR stunt.

The recent College Republican alumni who run things at NCGOP HQ are sending someone around to various North Carolina landmarks dressed as a duck and holding — what they think are — amusing signs. The folks at Twitchy posted several reactions to the NCGOP PR campaign from all kinds of conservatives on Twitter:


It keeps going downhill :



AND last but not least:


And THAT is coming from conservatives.  We’ll leave you with a final quote from Twitchy’s article:

Get it together, NC GOP.