Just off successful theatrical run, conservative film heads to video

Amerigeddon_KA_One_Sheet_FM[1]-2We introduced you to Amerigeddon a few months back.  Its plot features a wealthy globalist who engineers a disaster within the United States followed by a UN military intervention.  With the revelations from Wikileaks, and the flow of news about George Soros’s agenda, stuff like this can hit a little close to home and get people thinking. 

THAT is what director Mike Norris wanted — to get people talking and thinking. The low-budget, limited theatrical release — marketed mostly through social media and talk radio — came in second to Captain America: Civil War in every theater it was shown in, out-pacing much bigger budget flicks with much bigger stars (like George Clooney). 

The central event in Amerigeddon’s plot is the detonation of a series of EMPs over the United States.  The event appears to be orchestrated by a maniacal globalist with deep pockets.  Mr. Deep Pockets manages to convince the United Nations to move in to “restore order” in an America which now has no working computers, no Internet, no working automobiles, no telephones, and no electricity.  The UN action leads to martial law and actions like mass firearm seizures and arrests without cause.  A group of heroes emerges — deciding that things are going way too far. 

Norris made a point of visiting every theater where the movie showed and meeting Mike Norris Press Photo2with audience members:

“It helped me to get the audience perspective.  We had a lot of really good give-and-take on the issues raised in the movie.  Some people dismissed it as the same old conspiracy stuff that has been bantered about for years.  Others told me their eyes really got opened.  But members of both groups told me that the story, plus a lot of what’s happening in the country and the world, got them thinking about preparing for the worst.”

1462474856347Amerigeddon is set for release on DVD in mid – to late- October.  But Norris and his team have made a special arrangement to offer a director’s cut of the movie on the film’s website.  The director said he got really frustrated at the demands made by film rating authorities.  In order to obtain a PG-13 rating, Norris was forced to cut some clips from the film’s opening featuring various world leaders talking about “The New World Order.”

The director said he was also forced to spike a scene where the heroes ambush and kill some Chinese soldiers who had just massacred some Americans.  “Got to get rid of the blood,” said  Norris. “That’s what they said. Can you believe it?”

The version of the film available on the website has all the stuff the MPAA demanded be censored or removed altogether.  Amerigeddon+Still++(59)

Norris said he appreciates the grassroots support for his film in its limited theatrical run, and hopes it will continue throughout the DVD release.  The director — son of the action film icon Chuck Norris — said he plans to bring even more conservative-leaning offerings to the silver screen (and the computer screen and TV screen) in the near future.