J6 video: Rubber bullets to the face, flash-bang grenades to the head by cops amped up violence at Capitol

The political establishment made some noise about fully investigating the travesty of January 6, but they’ve taken everything back below radar.  But some of the arrested protesters and their defense attorneys have brought forth some disturbing video suggesting that heavy-handed use of violent tactics by police created a violent situation:

When the police started shooting people in the face and throwing flash grenades at the unarmed crowd, everything changed on January 6.

The government opened fire escalating the protest. Only one side was armed using deadly force: The police.

The crowd became livid as they watched cops shooting deadly rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash bangs or “sting balls” at civilians, often aimed at their heads.

Footage obtained by The Gateway Pundit showcases the unjustified use of deadly force employed by law enforcement against demonstrators protesting the stolen election.

Anyone who wants to get to the bottom of January 6 must focus on the key moment: The precise time the typical protest escalated into “the most investigated demonstration in FBI history,” defense attorney Steven Metcalf told TGP

“This is crucial —  this is crucial — because this is where what everybody is saying” about J6 being a set-up and a fedsurrection “actually matters. But nobody is pinpointing the precise time,” he said. “Everyone is saying, ‘There’s FBI agents in the crowd,’ ‘There’s CHSs in the crowd.’ There’s blah blah blah — I’ll tell you exactly where shit went crazy.”

“It went crazy at that precise time when the protesters, all standing in the west side terrace, and then shots start going off and people are getting hit in the faces… There were a couple of agitators in the crowd don’t get me wrong, but what took it to a whole different level is people being shot in the face with rubber bullets.”

“That’s where people who were angry got even angrier and rightfully so.”

Metcalf, who represents several J6 defendants including Dominic Pezzola, the only Proud Boy acquitted of seditious conspiracy charges, has scoured through the hours of footage lawmakers refuse to show the public.

After protesters knocked over a bike rack blockading the building, the moment the government characterizes as ‘the first breach,’ police were positioned in a “riot line.”

Riot line protocol instructs officers to remove agitators from the crowd.

Instead of removing the agitators, police on the riot line were strategically positioned “on the terrace above” to shoot protesters, Metcalf explained.

“The first line [of police] is called the ‘skirmish line. The second line is called a ‘linebacker line.’ What they are supposed to do is when there are agitators in the crowd, specifically, get them out of there,” he said. “And they set themselves up from an elevated position – so they had people on the terrace above.”

“They started off with one shooter and then they got a second shooter.

A law enforcement official, identified by government witnesses during discovery as Inspector Lloyd, “wearing a white shirt behind the lines,”  gave the initial orders to shoot a “moderately calm crowd,” Metcalf continued:

Behind the linebacker line is Inspector Loyd. This is what Dominic was talking to TGP about. He said, ‘There was a guy who signaled.’ There were a couple of people pushing the line but ultimately they weren’t doing anything crazy and they ultimately stopped their behavior and everything was somewhat chill at one point.

Lloyd repositions himself, he looks up, he does a circular motion and then points in the direction of the crowd, in a particular direction of the crowd, I can show the hand signals that were done.

They’re all standing there at the West Side terrace and then shots start going off into people’s faces. And then there are five or six people that get shot.

We got video from above and then we got audio above. There was a shooter and a guy recording. From the guy recording next to him, you hear someone telling the shooters who to hit. ‘Hit the guy in the red shirt.’ ‘Hit the guy in the green hat.’ ‘Hit the guy in the brown jacket.’

We got them saying who to hit and the people they were hitting were just standing there.

“Is it a rubber bullet?” another protester asks Black.

“I don’t know,” Black responds, pouring water over the wound as the bullet protrudes through the left side of his mouth.

“Motherfucker! We gotta get him out of here, man,” another protester exclaims.

Stunned and outraged, the crowd angrily confront the officers in the police line standing idle as Black bled out.

“You fucking shot him in the face! You’re on our side! You’re on our side!” a man screams in an officer’s face. “We are Americans. You fucking take him and help him!”

“Fucking traitor! Traitor!” another man yells at the cops, as flash grenades erupt

While the injury that nearly killed Black is caught on camera, scores more protesters almost died during the government’s reign of terror on January 6.

On Tuesday, Black was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for entering the Capitol building with a knife on his hip and a gaping wound on his face. Prosecutors had recommended a five-year prison sentence.

Aerial footage, played in slow motion, reveals exactly what the crowd was doing when police decided to shoot hundreds of civilians with tear gas, grenades and bullets.

Police showed up to the mega MAGA march on January 6 intent on a killing spree with rubber bullets;  the weapons they used are marked with a warning label that states, “Could cause “death.”

“Now, [Black is] the one who the bullet penetrated. Other people were getting hit in the head. I saw other guys getting hit in the ear. That is not proper protocol. You cannot do headshots with a rubber bullet like that from that vicinity,” Metcalf said. “The firearm officer’s used to shoot the rubber bullets had a warning label. We read the warning label to the jury which stated in sum and substance, ‘Do not shoot in the head or face because it can cause serious physical injury and or death.’

“I asked witness after witness, ‘If these people got shot in the temple would they die? If they got shot in the eye, would they lose an eye?’ Every answer was ‘Yes,’ it didn’t matter whose witness it was,” My witness, [the government’s] witness it didn’t matter, the answer is, ‘Yes.’

“So, now you have deadly force against nondeadly force and then everything was pumped up from there. That’s how we got to people going in the building.”

Confidential Human Sources deployed from the MPD, FBI, CIA, HSI, and government plants, incited violence during the protest and coordinated to entrap patriots. But the actual terror attack waged by police to agitate and incense the American people on January 6, is the “set-up,” the fedsurrection.

“That’s what people don’t understand,” Metcalf said. “[The shots] set everyone off! Then Dominic [Pezzolla] gets the shield, people were getting shot right by him. Dominic is standing next to Joshua Black in the video…  the guy standing next to Dominic is getting shot — this shit was going on!”

“Everybody is almost there, but they don’t have it right. If you want to talk about a setup, you have to talk about how they figured out a way to agitate the crowd. That’s what it comes down to,” he continued. “Focus on the people who were there and what they were doing at that time. Police could have controlled that situation based on their training and experience, and any reasonable experience from any of these guys, they could have handled this way differently and they didn’t. They shot people in the face. Then Dom gets a shield. Then Dom goes back and he backs up and then is where the flash bangs were thrown at the crowd — at their heads. During Dominic Pezzola’s cross-examination by the government, they tried to downplay the attack by saying it was ‘sting balls’ rather than ‘flash bang.’”

Ethan Nordean, the former leader of Proud Boys Washington state chapter known as Rufio who was convicted of seditious conspiracy on May 4, told the TGP on a call from solitary confinement he was shot in the back nearly a dozen times by police on January 6.

The vest he wore to prevent getting stabbed by Antifa kept him safe.[…]

Go to the original linked story. Watch all the video.  Then DEMAND our elected officials finally get to the bottom of this.