It’s (not so) GOOD to be the ED

You get your butt handed to you on Election Day.  Now, you have one of your unsuccessful recruits for the NC House races calling for you to QUIT your job and GO AWAY:

If you’re in need of a refresher on Turner, click here. ( And here he is wanting to fight us. )

The funny thing is — this guy has apparently and finally seen the light.

We pegged the Hayes-Woodhouse team long ago as a disaster waiting to happen, and it pretty much DID on November 6.

We’re ONE election cycle away from completely wiping out all the gains the NCGOP made in 2010 and 2012.  And the NCGOP’s field commanders are all wet-behind-the-ears 20-somethings led by two guys who don’t have a clue and / or don’t care.

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  1. Thom Tillis is doing his own work to make sure he is not reelected by functioning as a closet Democrat. His meddling in the Alabama Senate race to help the Democrats will NOT be forgotten or forgiven. His pandering to the illegal aliens invading our country will not be forgotten or forgiven.

    Our chance to hold this Senate seat lies in either 1) convincing Tillis to retire, or 2) beating him in the primary. The Woodhouse / Hayes mafia is an obstacle to doing either as they are in Tillis’ pocket.

  2. Well first of all a good majority of the ones that lost in Mecklenburg on the state level were not really conservative to begin with. These are the type when they go to local republican meetings they speak against almost all conservative social issues anyone brings up

    on the county side the commission did loose a few great conservative fighters

    but as much and I would like to blame Dallas and Grandpa for this they have less to do with this and much of the problem lays at the feet of the leadership say 8 years of the local county party and its shrinking over the years. While they might throw a great Lincoln Regan dinner they have only pushed out the christian conservatives and have done nothing that I know of to help educated people in the county on the reasons why conservative values work

    They current chairman even said that it did not matter how many delegates showed up to the county convention because he had a great group of people outside of the delegates to the county convention. This one statement shows the breakdown of the local party

    and it seems like most of the good people I have had conversations with do not think the local party is worth saving and this is an attitude that needs to be fixed but it takes a group big enough wanting to return it to the strength is had 20+ years ago. There are conservatives in this city but they are in hiding and for the party to grow it must play hide and go seek to find them and reunite them with each other

    1. So it appears the Christian conservative vote has been run off two ways. The activists have been pushed out of the local party organization. and the local Republican elected officials have been voting against their policy issues like they did in repealing HB2. No wonder those voters are staying home on election day, which causes Republican candidates to lose.

      One remembers how Governor Jim Martin’s political consultant Brad Hayes used to always look after the wishes of Rev., Joe Chambers, the Christian conservative leader in Mecklenburg in the Martin era. Even though Brad Hayes (no relation to Robin) was himself a moderate, he was a smart enough political strategist to know how important the Christian conservative vote is to winning elections, and the thousands of votes in Mecklenburg that came with their support.

      Today’s GOP leaders at both state and local level just do not get it.,

      1. I will tell you that one of the only people in Mecklenburg that was willing to stand for goodness that last county convention is now congressman Mark Harris and his lovely wife they were both willing to stand up for conservative values that people like Tarte and Brawley spoke against

  3. At the rate they are going they aren’t going to be able elect Dan Forest to dog catcher. People didn’t like Tillis the last time. Maybe Dan should primary him and drum up some excitement.

      1. True. I think he understands that. A lot of disgruntled county leadership teams will be receptive to him because of the vacuum we have in the place of credible state party leadership. But he needs to move fast to establish himself as the nucleus around which the county leaders can coalesce.

  4. In my opinion, Republicans need to pay attention to math. We keep watching the urban counties lose population while the big cities grow. We will watch their influence continue to squeeze out small town values.

    Those folks you trash today for “not being conservatives” will look like like “crazy right wingers” in the future when compared to those whose views will be controlling the state and country.

    if Republicans wish to prosper in the future, and share the virtues of freedom, and limited government, Republicans better change their message – and those delivering it.

    1. A Trojan horse liberal wants Republicans to change their message to be Democrat-lite. That is a recipe for disaster, and the 2018 election shows it.

      Republicans tried that in 2018, and went left from our previous message in 2016. Our more conservative message, which included standing firm on bathroom privacy, HB2, delivered well for Republicans in 2016. Then our wimpy leadership caved in and repealed HB2, and with that wishy-washy message we got clobbered in 2018, largely because a significant part of our base was no longer motivated to get involved and vote. In the urban areas, Republican legislators voted to backstab Christians on HB2 and they paid the price for that in 2018.

      We have seen the future of “me, too” politics in 2018, and it is a failure. I can see why the Democrats like JBP, want us to do further down that path of destruction. They do not want the GOP to prosper. They want us to lose.

    2. That’s like saying since more and more people are robbing, we better get on board and join the thieves. No thank you. Thank you, no.

  5. I had a typo above…I meant “rural” counties. A little more time reading to understand versus waiting to respond may be helpful. No where in that message did you read any words indicating Republicans should be more like Democrats, or like any other entity.

    It is simple math – we are dying a slow death. North Carolina’s population grew from about 5.8 million in 1980 to roughly 10 million in 2015. This increase of 4.2 million people represents a 72.4% increase during this time period. We are currently projected to have 10.7 million residents by 2020, representing a growth rate of 84.5%.

    During the same time period, our birth rates grew by about 40%, and our death rates grew by about 80%, so our natural growth rate has been cut in half. This means we are not “growing our own” young North Carolinians. We are importing people from other areas, and placing a North Carolina label on them. Roughly 70% North Carolina’s population growth since the 1990s has been a result of people moving here from other areas. If you struggle with math, that is 7 out of every 10 people…

    Millennials became the largest voting block this year. The younger generation needs to understand what happened in the late 2000s when our State was financially broken, and in debt up to our eyeballs. They need to understand why we need sustainable budgets. They need to know HOW we are going to improve schools, and that measurements composed largely of teacher salary alone are absurd. They need to know what we intend to do about healthcare. (You want to see a conservative flip on medicaid expansion? Let an elderly, or poor family member get sick).

    Messaging is important…and so is the messenger.

    What was the message in 2018 that was tried, John Steed? Articulate it, please, if you are able.

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