It’s Monday. Break out the zip-ties ….




Drink plenty of Pepto-Bismol before turning on the local TV news Tuesday morning.  If past Tuesday mornings are any indicator, we will be made nauseous by sickening video love-fests to Bill Barber and his carnival sideshow’s never-ending run on Jones Street.

Triangle-based blogger Lady Liberty has an interesting piece highlighting something else major the media is ignoring — the large concentration of radical SEIU and Occupy activists among the ringleaders of the Moral Monday rabble.  An uprising of concerned, mainstream, average North Carolinians?  *SURE*.

McClatchy Rob thinks we’re all paranoid for thinking that there is a nefarious left-wing BluePrint plot, involving leftist activists and eager members of the media, to smear Republicans and conservatives in North Carolina. But if Rob is right, HOW do you explain spin by Moral Monday ringleaders being circulated through the state’s media unchallenged?  

NCPolicyWatch — the Rob Schofield & Chris Fitzsimon-driven leftist vehicle that is also at the center of the BluePrintNC movement — initiated the comparison of Bill Barber and legislative Republicans to MLK and Alabama’s Bull Connor.  State government columnist Scott Mooneyham picked up that ball and ran with it.  Now comes Jim Dodson — a columnist for our failing local newspaper here in Moore County — moaning about Republicans and conservatives taking our state back to The Jim Crow era.   (Way to throw Paula Deen in there, Jim.  By the way, you didn’t mention that she campaigned for Obama.)

I guess its just a coincidence that a meme can start with a far-left think tank and work its way through the bowels of our allegedly mainstream media.  We’re getting the mushroom treatment. folks.  The scam rolls on …. 

3 thoughts on “It’s Monday. Break out the zip-ties ….

  1. Thanks for linking!
    There will be more pieces like that one coming — every time I check out one group, I find at least one employee linked to one or more other lefty groups.

  2. Well, I think the whole stunt is Barber trying to build name ID to run for governor. With the makeup of today’s Democrat party, he could win a primary, but would be a big dragon their ticket in November. I say, let him have the nomination. Barber the Buffoon will make Republicans day as he hurts the rest of their candidates.

  3. I do not know how far away they are bringing in these demonstrators but today I heard one of them yelling, “Down with Morsi, Down with Morsi!”

    Then the guy ran off looking a free Barbecue Sandwich with cole slaw.

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