It’s always “special” when Dallas is in the (Wood)house.


Just when you thought Civitas was coming to its senses,  it does THIS:



Now,  that IS special.  Landing the guy who oversaw the near collapse of the GOP majority in Raleigh, who left the state party with a $500K budget hole, and was RIGHT THERE when  the party chairman got indicted by the feds.  *I’m amazed he was available.*




This all went down today.  Maybe he shed some light on WHO at NCGOP HQ emailed the screenshot of the funds transfer to  Hayes, Lindberg & company?



We know that the state party paid for a forensic audit of the party’s books and accounts in May.  We’re told this was authorized by the previous administration in the wake of the Hayes indictment to try and gauge just how much trouble the party (and the then-leadership) might be in.



Interestingly, some well-placed  moles tell us that another forensic audit of state party finances is currently underway.  I am told the audit is being conducted by sources outside of North Carolina who do not appear to have NCGOP ties.

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  1. As a Central Committee member I will assume that any/all Audits will be shared with the Central Committee.

  2. 500,000 in debt would have to be well documented on state and federal campaign reports and you can not and will not find such a thing

    Plus the party has no ability to borrow that kind of money. It does not and can’t take. A line of credit, does Not use credit cards ( as opposed to a debit card) can’t borrow against the building. When I left the party had a net positive cash balance

    1. I didn’t say “debt”. I said “hole”. It’s $500k in unfunded liabilities. Bills you’ve incurred — money you’ve basically spent — but don’t have the actual cash to cover.

      You apparently did such a super job that there is a second forensic audit being launched since your old boss got indicted.

      Oh, and let’s not forget the funds raised from the convention being used to pay salaries and other operating expenses. Instead of being set aside to help candidates.

  3. They are preforming a standard audit, like we do every year . There are no unfunded obligations
    Other than the day to day expenses that have to be raised on an ongoing basis

    When I left we were ahead of the mid year budget number

  4. First of all Me. Hayes was never my boss. The central committee was, as you well know

    The party is conducting its routine yearly audit, as it normally does. Every independent audit conducted during my time showed us fully compliant and we passed with flying colors.

    The party has no way to run up that kind of debt.

    We can’t borrow against the building,, can’t take out a line of credit, and the party only has debt cards, no credit cards.

    I left a small net positive cash balance, and left the party in much better $$$ shape than I was handed in 2015.

    I know the new team is doing, A great job and is raising money as they go to cover operating expenses. When I left mid year, we were above the mid-year fundraiser number projected in the budget passed by the Executive committee.

    I know the new chair and vice chair as well and the loyal hard working staff will put us in a great position for 2020.

    Thanks in advance for letting me respond

    1. The financial disclosure report shows you guys hired a forensic audit team in May. Why was that done if everything was so peachy keen clean? Forensic audits are usually done in the wake of fraud suspicions.

  5. That team was simply conducting a best practice
    review. I recommend it in part to assist the new team coming in.

    There is no fraud real or suspected

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