Is THIS what we’re going with? Really?


It seems the NCGOP and the McCrory campaign are going after Walter Dalton on the tax issue.

The GOP campaign is taking the Lt. Governor to task for his part in past tax increases and not promising to avoid future tax increases.

Well, that strategy looks like an opportunity for Democrats to look back at McCrory’s record in Charlotte.

Charlotte’s reign as the highest-taxed city in North Carolina BEGAN halfway through McCrory’s tenure as mayor.

McCrory helped push through a tax increase to pay for light rail transportation in the Queen City.  He also actively campaigned AGAINST conservative efforts to repeal THAT tax increase.

This is similar to the problem we have with our presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  The GOP base is overwhelmingly hostile to ObamaCare.  But it is a challenge for Romney to attack ObamaCare as intrusive and irresponsible.  Romney pushed through a government-controlled health care system in Massachusetts that many claim was the inspiration for ObamaCare.

I am sure I will hear from the boo-birds angry at me for being down on Pat McCrory.   I am cheerleading for a conservative, limited government  victory — a revolution — in our state and country.  I am not necessarily FOR Pat McCrory or the GOP.  A Republican who is minimally less liberal than what we have is not worth having.

Pat needs to stop talking about the past and give us a serious agenda for the future.  Show us a serious plan for pulling us out of this economic mess.  DO NOT hug up to Thom Tillis or Skip Stam.  They can’t help you, and are clearly not all that interested in limited government.

A serious plan would help pull those Tea Party votes away from Barbara Howe and back to your camp.  Staying the course will only result in further growth in Barbara’s poll numbers and a glimmer of hope for Walter Dalton.