IRS brouhaha: Not a Dem or GOP thing. It’s all about BIG GOVT

shakedownRepublicans are absolutely giddy over the current IRS scandal.  Agency employees reportedly harrassed Tea Party-linked groups and individuals.  Many in the national GOP see the scandal as an election issue and a possible monkey wrench in the implementation of ObamaCare.

Does anybody seriously think that the IRS is solely a Democrat Party or Barry Obama problem?  The IRS has been intimidating and harassing people under Democrat AND Republican administrations for ages.  Politicians like to rail against the taxman at election time, but no one EVER takes any serious steps to rein in the confiscators’ powers.

Why?  The IRS supplies the fuel for the spending binge aimed at buying the votes that keeps the scalawags in the legislative and executive branches (in Raleigh, Columbia AND DC) in power in perpetuity.  They feed the beast.  

Anyone serious about limited government will approve rules and regulations that tame — or even neuter — the IRS.  A simple flat tax would reduce the need for so much manpower in that agency.

Consider how much information the IRS collects on you each year.  Put that together with the idea of the agency intimidating people who dare to question the regime in Washington  and the chill of totalitarianism starts to run up and down your spine.  

Anyone who uses this scandal for the purpose of scoring a few points against Barry & friends for the next election is wrong.  The  whole IRS kerfluffle is a shining example — and an incredible piece of ammo — for use in scaling back and downsizing the federal leviathan.  It’s important.  It’s about preserving and protecting our rights, our privacy and our freedom from the iron fist of the state.   

2 thoughts on “IRS brouhaha: Not a Dem or GOP thing. It’s all about BIG GOVT

  1. which is why we need to forget about apologies (meaningless), firings (actually none so far and also meaningless in any event), and political points and go for the jugular…….and begin the process of repealing the 16th Amendment 100 years after it’s enactment. That alone would seriously wound if not kill the whole rotten socialist agenda being foisted on this nation.

  2. It is definitely a big government problem. The events of the past week indicate that nobody in DC knows what is going on. Holder, Obama, Hils and Carney all say, like Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes, “I know nothing!” We need some leaders who do know something or we need to shrink the government down to a size that the elected representatives would have some rudimentary knowledge of what was going on.

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