If you agree with me, Go vote today. If you don’t agree with me, find something else to do …

There has been a lot of confusion about the marriage amendment. Remember, voting FOR the amendment is a setback for those who want to legalize gay marriage.  It doesn’t ban anything.  It doesn’t stop gays from giving each other power of attorney or naming each other beneficiaries in wills or insurance policies.  It takes what IS state law NOW, and moves it to the constitution.  This makes it harder for creative judges to “discover” a God-given right to gay marriage in the state constitution.

The leftists have dubbed this “amendment one.” It is not the first amendment EVER to the constitution.  It has been amended several times in the past.  In fact — I believe this is the third (or fourth) constitution we’ve had as a state.

Remember, Republicans,  to vote for Mike Causey for Insurance Commissioner.  It is IMPORTANT.  Causey is a decent fellow who wants to do what’s right for his fellow citizens.  If you want the best possible reason to vote for Causey, click HERE.

I think Ron Paul may surprise observers in the North Carolina primary.  The recently released Tea Party straw poll showed Paul with nearly as many votes as Romney.   I believe this is more of a protest against Romney than a realignment behind Paul.  It’s clear The Mittster has got its work cut out with the folks from The Tea Party.  The same poll indicates that GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Pat McCrory — hardly a conservative firebrand — has done a much better job of selling himself to tea partiers.

We’ve also got four GOP US House incumbents locked in competitive primaries.  There’s a chance of at least one upset there.   Watching the results roll in tonight  should be fun.