Huntsman picks up major GOP endorsement for SC primary






Tonight, in Iowa, the news is all about three guys named Paul, Romney, and Santorum.  But an email that went out today across The Carolinas –with the subject line Ronald Reagan in 2012 —  indicates that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman might make some noise in The Palmetto State’s primary:

I miss Ronald Reagan.  I served as his first US Attorney.

We all wish he would appear out of the cornfield in a “Field of Dreams” and be our nominee for President.

But right now – there is only one true Reagan Republican in the race, a leader who worked for Ronald Reagan and has proven himself over the years to be a strong, consistent conservative, with the best record as a chief executive creating jobs, cutting taxes and balancing budgets at the state level.

That is my good friend Jon Huntsman.

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch Jon’s latest TV ad. It truly is a wake up call for America. 

Our nation is deep in debt.  And we’ve lost trust in government to solve problems.

I believe Jon Huntsman is the leader we need to repair both the economic deficit and the deficit of trust that has afflicted our country.

Jon has never been a flip-flopper or an opportunist.  He has always been consistently pro-life and pro-family.  As Governor of Utah, he led the nation in creating jobs, cutting taxes and stimulating real economic growth.

Jon Huntsman is the most extraordinary Governor I’ve seen since Carroll Campbell. And he’s also the only one in the presidential race with foreign policy experience as a United States Ambassador to both Singapore and China.  The world we live in is far too dangerous to pick another president with no foreign policy experience.

I ask you as a friend, as a South Carolinian, a father and an American to join me in restoring trust, dignity, and integrity in Washington, DC by supporting Jon Huntsman for President.

Peggy and I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and blessed 2012.

Henry McMaster

McMaster is a former state GOP chairman who presided over his party’s electoral takeover of South Carolina. He also served eight years as SC’s attorney general.  McMaster ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination for governor in 2009.   (The McMaster email was sent out by the Huntsman campaign, which is apparently using a mailing list supplied by Congressman Joe “You Lie!” Wilson. )

Palmetto State GOP heavy-hitters are starting to make their presidential preferences known.  Governor Nikki Haley has already endorsed Mitt Romney.  Former State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel has endorsed Ron Paul.  U.S. Senator Jim DeMint has publicly stated that he is not endorsing ANY of the presidential candidates.  (No word yet on who will win the endorsement of the state’s other U.S. senator, Gomer Pyle.)