How many federal agencies would I cut? (How much time do you have?)




Texas Governor Rick Perry had one heck of a brain freeze during Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate in Michigan.  The Texan appeared to struggle with naming THREE federal agencies that need to be cut or de-funded.  Feeling rather charitable, we here at The Haymaker would like to throw in our two cents to help him out:

  1. The National Endowment For The Arts
  2. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  3. National Science Foundation
  4. Department of Education
  5. Department of Labor
  6. Department of Agriculture
  7. Department of Commerce
  8. U.S. Institute for Peace
  9. National Endowment for Humanities
  10. The ATF  (Prohibition is OVER, guys)
  11. U.S. Agency for International Development
  12. The Millennium Challenge Corporation
  13. All but six of the agencies on this page
  14. All but ONE of the agencies on this page
  15. All but FOUR of the agencies on this page
Do I need to go on?  Seriously.  If you struggle to name THREE, you need to turn in your Republican card, and drop out of the presidential race.