Hey, where’d that conservative revolution go?


Check out the latest from the UNC-Asheville Board of Trustees:


Never underestimate the power of a bunch of squeaky-wheeled students to get the grease, or in this case, to get rid of the grease, in the fight for a more environmentally and socially conscious campus, and world at large.


On June 21, the UNC Asheville Board of Trustees made state history by voting to divest a portion of its $50 million endowment from fossil fuels, becoming the first university in the UNC system to do so. The resolution is even more impressive, university officials said, because it was initiated and led by student action.


With the board’s vote, UNCA will shift about 10%, or $5 million, of its endowed funds to Walden Asset Management, a manager focused on investing using ESG, or environmental, social and governance, criteria and research and promoting shareholder advocacy. […]


In other words, a bunch of liberal crap.



How do these trustees get their jobs?  According to the UNC faculty handbook:


[…]The Board of Trustees is composed of thirteen people: eight are elected by the UNC Board of Governors, four are appointed by the governor, and the president of the student government is an ex officio member.[…]


And who appoints the board of governors?  The General Assembly, of course.  Which has been controlled by Republicans for the last seven years.   Stuff like what’s happening at UNCA is happening thanks to appointments and decisions by Raleigh Republicans and their appointees.  (For FOUR of those SEVEN years,  a Republican governor of the state was able to appoint people to the board of governors.)




Of course, we can’t forget that the UNC board of governors has approved a “sustainability” degree for Elizabeth City State University.  One more useless sheepskin for the kiddies to take with them when their four years are up, they’re jobless,  and they have to move back in with Mom and Dad.


Meanwhile,  the Trump Administration’s Department of Education Office of Civil Rights is opening a probe into “anti-male bias” on UNC system campuses:


More than one year ago, a federal complaint was filed against the University of North Carolina (UNC) system, alleging systemic anti-male bias in their policies and procedures relating to campus sexual assault as well as their hiring practices.


The complaint was filed by the National Coalition for Men Carolinas (NCFM), which argued the UNC system deprived male students and employees of due process rights. For more than a year, NCFM Carolinas president Greg Josefchuk exchanged emails with the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in an attempt to get the office to make a determination on whether or not it would move ahead with an investigation. On Friday, the organization finally received a formal decision.


OCR dismissed claims that the UNC system engages in systemic bias in its Title IX processes that determine whether a student (almost always a male) violated the school’s policies regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment. The office also dismissed the claim that UNC has an anti-male bias in its hiring practices.


The office will, however, explore NCFM’s claim that UNC’s policies are biased against male students. The office will open a formal investigation into this matter against Appalachian State University and UNC-Asheville. OCR said it would not investigate this claim at UNC-Chapel Hill because it already had a similar investigation open.[…]



Again, I ask:  Why has the GOP majority blown off this historic opportunity to clean up and reform the state university campuses?

12 thoughts on “Hey, where’d that conservative revolution go?

  1. GOP types just don’t seem to recognize the fundamental threat that the liberal educrats pose to our civilization. Liberal miseducation’s highest achievement, AOC, and many like her, will soon be running our country if they don’t wake up!

  2. It’s about the money. I saw something about Mark Johnson selling out to a Lobbyist on a few contracts. We work for them. We elect them and they sell us out.

  3. If you talk to any legislator in Raleigh, they will tell you that the UNC Board of Governors has been a disaster for conservative reform of our leftist university system. Yet, these same legislators continue appointing clueless losers to this important board. Anyone who follows the goings on in the UNC system readily acknowledges that the past nine years have been wasted by the Republican BOG. Ultimately, of course, the GOP legislature bears the responsibility for this trainwreck. It is the GOP’s biggest failure since taking control of the legislature. In fact, the UNC system is more liberal now than when the GOP took control. Go figure.

  4. From what I have been able to tell, there are only three or four members of the UNC Board of Governors who have any idea what is going on in the UNC system. The rest of the members just sit in meetings like good Republican dummies with no idea what to do: so they just vote the way the liberal staff and administrators tell them.

  5. The real question is why Republican legislators continue to subsidize the six-figure salaries these otherwise unemployable Communist professors get. It’s no longer 1970. A college education is no longer a cost-effective route for 90% or more of young people, who should be encouraged to get four years work or military experience instead.

    The only way these people will respect the voters is when the voters’ representatives start standing up for taxpayers against University freeloaders. And the way to do that is to slash the UNC budget and funnel those dollars into additional income tax cuts.

    Republicans should also ask why state taxpayers provide even a dime to the Socialist Propaganda Network known as NPR, and the Public TV system. With the internet and 5000 channels, public broadcasting is obsolete and there’s no reason Republicans should fund a network where 96% of their listeners backed Hillary Clinton.

  6. Time to go to part time legislators and session limits. We need a mix of
    citizen legislators who have to live under the rules they pass. It’s not the money
    that is the problem. It’s the time required that keeps averages citizens, (WITH JOBS) from
    serving. Limit the days in Raleigh by going the digital route and returning to town when bills
    are ready to be voted on. This would also throw a kink into lobbyists having too much influence.
    Other states do it why not us?

    1. I would totally agree with Clayton Loflin’s July 1 Haymaker post. Going “digital” would allow more Citizen participation. We shouldn’t have to rely on Lobbyists to craft legislation which always seems to favor their financial interests and not the interests of taxpayers.

  7. Here’s one that probably won’t surprise you: The Republicans on the UNC Board of Governors just hired a homosexual activist to be the new president of WUNC TV. Yes, that’s right…although they are keeping quiet about it for obvious reasons. Most of the GOP legislators don’t even know this has been done. What we have in Republican Raleigh is the blind leading the blind. Yet these Republicans have the gall to tell us they are fighting for conservative values and begging for our money to fuel their campaigns. Hogwash!

  8. Good to see Trump is going after the system for anti-male bias. My son just went to his orientation to get the indoctrination on “diversity”, and along with that there was a long session on basically “no means no”. Basically they tell the guys that it will ALWAYS be their fault whenever an issue comes up…no matter what. He also said that if you accidentally touch someone say in a hallway or whatever that assault could be brought against them. This madness needs to stop.

    1. 10 years ago I would be dubious, but they have lost all sense of logic, reasonableness or even decency.

  9. It makes sense that we and the Board want to move toward a viable environment for students after they graduate. By starting the shift away from fossil fuels they are taking a responsible step toward a meaningful, productive, and sustainable environment for all citizens of the state.

  10. Reply to Doug: The “madness” you complain about will not stop at any of the UNC system schools until the Republican legislature shows some backbone and gets rid of the current crop of Republican BOG members and appoints serious reformers in their place. It’s just that simple. The attack on fossil fuels at UNC-A is just one small aspect of a much larger failed governance problem by the GOP. The BOG can’t even decide when to re-install the Silent Sam Veterans Monument even though the law explicitly requires it. Yes, the BOG is clown show for sure.

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