Gunga Din APPARENTLY moonlights at WRAL!

gunga din




Miss Laura and “The Bink”  over at WRAL are helping their comrade John Frank bashSenate leader Phil Berger and carry that ObamaCare water.  Their headline screams: ”Docs bash Berger’s ObamaCare petition.”  (It’s amazing it takes TWO OF THEM to write this stuff.)

Hmm.  So, are Miss Laura and “The Bink” telling us that ACTUAL practicing physicians think the coming avalanche of red tape and taxes is a GOOD thing for American medicine? Well, if you get past that headline and read deep into their story, you find that their sources are actually COLLEGE PROFESSORS.   Yep.  That demographic that went 99.9 % for President Barry.  Folks whose livelihood depends on the growth and prosperity of the governing bureaucracy.   What makes it worse is that Miss Laura and “The Bink” picked two professors from Patchouli & Granola CentralTHE University of North Carolina AT Chapel Hill.

This is an important lesson.  If you MUST get your news from McClatchy or WRAL, look past the headlines.  Be skeptical about every word — every syllable.  Then go online to sites like THIS ONE so we can give you the real story …