Gov. Doofus b****es at Duke Power about mess HE made

It must be good to have the news media fawning over every word you speak, and to never be held accountable for the words — no matter how nonsensical or harmful they are — coming out of your stupid mouth.

Such is the life of one Roy Assberry Cooper, the current googly-eyed resident of that big fenced-in state-owned property on Raleigh’s Blount Street.


Just the other day, Cooper was being fawned over by the drive-bys for jumping into the fight against “degradation of our cultural values.”  Yep, this is the same low-T individual who squealed like a girl and encouraged economic boycotts of our state during the 2016 governor’s race because “MEN” were barred from ladies restrooms. 

Now, he’s upset because Duke Power didn’t give enough advance warning to customers about the rolling blackouts they staged.  Duke issued a statement claiming the blackouts were being instituted because they were struggling to meet customer demand during this very, very cold winter.

Why was there a struggle to meet demand?  Well, Governor Assberry and his cohorts in Raleigh have, for years, been demanding the closure of electric power plants and moratoriums on new ones.  Windmills and solar panels would fill the landscape and save us all, they told us.

Well, most of that hasn’t happened.  Of course, the electric stuff has been closed and cancelled.  Here’s a 2021 deal between Assberry and General Assembly “Republicans” on North Carolina’s move to “clean energy.”  In with the unsightly bird-killing windmills, out with the electricity. 

Here’s news of a 2020 shutdown of a Brunswick County electrical plant which sold electricity to Duke Power.  

It’s really easy to fail to meet demand when the government is regulating your suppliers right out of business.

I hate to be in the position of defending Duke Power.  They pretty much are the spawn of Satan.  They, and Spectrum, are prime examples of why monopolies are so bad.   But in this case, Duke has been victimized by Assberry and his “Republican” cohorts in Raleigh.  All for some socialist environmental fantasies and big, fat campaign checks.

Once again, we are screwed by Raleigh, and they patronize us by feigning outrage over a mess THEY created.