Getting rich is NOT a crime

With the rise of Mitt Romney, and the activities of The Occupy movement, and the even more outlandish activities of BarryO and his posse, it is pretty clear that we’re going to hear a lot about how our economic ills are the fault of “the rich.”

I believe it was the late great National Review Editor who jokingly said: “NEED is when you desire someone else’s money.  GREED is when you try to keep more of your own.  COMPASSION is when the government facilitates the transfer.”

People with money make investments that pay salaries, build businesses, and expand economies.  The mess we are in is the fault of career politicians who have no clue about how the real world outside Raleigh and DC works. If you want someone to blame, look to Boss Bev, BarryO and every scalawag politician in both parties who has voted in support of their agendas. 

It’s not a crime to be rich.  It is WRONG when you are rich — like U.S. Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), John F. Kerry (D-MA), The Kennedys of Massachusetts, or The Danielses of North Carolina — and you work hard to keep others from succeeding and getting rich like you.  THAT should be a crime.