Gaystapo on the march in Wilmington

niceRemember the good ol’ days when leftists were preaching to us about the importance of listening to those we disagree with and respecting all opinions?

I’m sure New Hanover County school board member Tammy Covil is wondering what happened.  The conservative made the ”mistake” of posting her opinion on a closed Facebook group page. A screenshot was taken and sent to the Democrats, and the ”pinkshirts” took to the streets calling for Ms. Covil’s head.

What did she say that got the gaystapo all bent out of shape?


O-Kay.  A definition I found for “perverted” was:  “deviating from what is known as right or correct.”  Arguably, in many, many communities, that would appropriately represent the majority view.

The left sees Covil as a big problem.  She is serving on the state’s Common Core study commission. My New Hanover sources tell me she is a possibility for superintendent of the school district there.

Covil has spoken out against the teaching of nonsense like “gender fluidity.”  (I’ve heard about that in some amphibians and reptiles, but not in humans.)

The lynch mob has already set up a Facebook page aimed at shutting Covil down.

If you live in New Hanover County, do what you can to help this woman out.  If you don’t live there, talk to any of your friends who do.  Donate money to her campaign. Leaders like Tammy Covil — who dare to stand firm on their principles — are our only hope for saving our society, our culture, and our country.

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  1. She sounds like someone who would be a great legislative candidate in a GOP primary, if she is in a district with one of the RINO’s.

  2. The extreme radical left-wing seized control of the New Hanover County Democrat Party several years ago. The gays, abortionists, radical blacks, and UNCW faculty and administrators now dictate policy for New Hanover Democrats. It’s very sad. Conservative Democrats like the late John Burney no longer have a voice and have become Republicans.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I know Tammy personally and she is an excellent school board member and spokes person against Common Core.

  4. I know Tammy personally, and I also know that she is an excellent board member and ASRC member. This is uncalled for and needs our prayers.

  5. If there was ever a time to rally around one of our own, it is now. Tammy Covil is one of the good ones, someone who tirelessly puts herself out there to better the education experience of all of our children. She stands on principle, does her research and relentlessly advocates for better standards – whether it is in New Hanover County or in Raleigh – as our children deserve so much more. And, because she stands up to the liberal cabal and wants to make the conversation about education and not about indoctrination, she is enemy #1. The Left’s obsession with making sure every child is conversant on identity politics from kindergarten on up is destroying the original purpose of public schools which is to educate children in math, reading, writing and history. Moreover, the totalitarian intolerance of the LGBTQ for anything except their agenda and their complete lack of understanding of the First Amendment illustrate perfectly the failings of our public education system. These screeching folks could care less about our (their) children’s education (I dare you to find an example of some LGBTQ activist actually calling for better education in the classroom) – just as long as their message is heard. Well, now is the time for us to fight back, fight back in support of Tammy Covil and let her know that we have her back.

  6. Except that Tammy has gone way past stating a “different opinion”. LGBT kids exist and she has just said publicly that they are perverted. That’s extremely irresponsible and callous of her if she truly cares about all the children. There are LGBT children out there who will hear what one of their educational leaders has said and question whether they are worthy of being treated in a humane way. Well, I’m going to stand up and say they are. Tammy is probably on her way out. One can only hope the children of this area do not have to listen to such cruelty any longer. That’s what the concern is. As for marriage rights, we have them. I’m already married.

    1. My, my, my, has Ms. Covil struck a chord with the intolerant Left! I doubt that you have actually looked at Ms. Covil’s record of advocating for better EDUCATION (NOT indoctrination) standards for ALL children. Or, has anyone even spoken to her as to the context of her comments. Did you listen to Ms. Covil on the Tyler Cralle show? No why gather the facts?! Instead, let’s take a screen shot and run with it. Let’s threaten Ms. Covil and her children (are you willing to protect THEM, Allison??). Let’s send threatening letters to her place of work. Let’s call her the most vile names imaginable. It is amazing how intolerant the “tolerant” left has become. I guess your standard of what IS acceptable in public education is defined by this gem

    2. I find it cruel to allow leftwing teachers to groom vulnerable young children for a depraved lifestyle by putting in their heads at a tender age that homosexuality is normal. Any discussion of sexuality of any sort should wait until children are mature enough to understand it.

  7. I commend Tammy for what she posted but we all need to look at the big picture. Our children are being genetically changed by all the GMO foods they are devouring. From the artificial sweeteners, to the genetically engineered crops we put in our bodies and the big ag farms that are injecting growth hormones and antibiotics in the meats we consume. Things will not change until we get Monsanto,Syngenta and Bayer banned in the world. All these products are destroying our DNA. We are being targeted for extinction and a shortened life span as we the average folks are useless eaters to the elites.

  8. Ms. Covil is entitled to be as bigoted as she likes. Her position as an elected member of the New Hanover County Board of Education has Ms. Covil making policy for all students who attend public school in the county, including gay students, whom she regards as “perverts”. Until she resigns, or is voted out of office next year, the other members on the board should make the parents of gay students aware of their stance regarding Ms. Covil’s views, and whether or not gay students are safe and can learn in a welcoming environment, free of discrimination and bigotry. The New Hanover County school district is not Anoka-Hennepin (Minn.) and we want to keep it that way.

    1. We need to keep vulnerable students from being proselytized by school personnel into sexual perversions, whether it be grooming by telling them that homosexuality is normal and okay or going beyond that to recruit them into this subculture. This young student was recruited into homosexuality by a teacher and ended up dying of AIDS:

      We need to protect children from that sort of thing in our school systems.

  9. Gender Identity and Gay Marriage: A Response
    By Allison Parker

    As I read Tammy Covil’s official position statement regarding comments she posted using social media concerning gay marriage and gender issues, I find much disingenuous phrasing, a bit of ignorance and a lack of confidence in educators.

    Covil writes in her first paragraph that she “was not allowed an opportunity to put” her “comments into context.” However, Ms. Covil chose to delete the questionable forum posts rather than respond, and did not initially return calls from the media. The only person who did not allow her the chance to speak up at first was herself.

    In the next two paragraphs of her statement, she explains what she really meant when she wrote: “Gay marriage isn’t about marriage rights at all its about forcing others to accept a perverted lifestyle as normal.” She insists the perversion was actually about the gender lessons recently approved by a school board in Virginia . At first I fail to see her connection between gay marriage and gender; then I understand why.

    Covil is confusing biological sex with gender and with sexual orientation.

    Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand, like so many Americans, these concepts in health education. Sex and gender are not the same thing. Because so many people have this misunderstanding, in Virginia at least the school board has decided to allow a teaching moment on this very issue.

    It sounds like Covil would benefit from one of these gender classes. She would then be able to uphold the Family Life Education Missionfor the New Hanover County Public Schools so that students can make “responsible decisions” about their health.

    Covil, rather educate herself on the issue, goes for a broader argument where she proposes “these topics” are being “forced upon children who do not possess the experience or maturity level required to even comprehend them.” She begs the question at what age Sex-Ed should be taught. Should not a school board member know the answer to these questions? She writes “in bringing these topics into the classroom, we involve children in a very complex and provocative examination of human sexuality.” I agree with her here. It’s provocative. It’s complex. Does she think our students are too stupid to examine provocative issues?

    No. It’s not the students. It’s the scholars themselves. She mistrust the academics. She says, “even the most educated scholars cannot come to a consensus or find common ground.” This is nothing more than an slight to teachers. She is basically saying, 100% of the instructors don’t agree on the concepts, so don’t teach it at all. Really? Has she ever heard of the Oxford Comma debate? The paradoxes between quantum mechanics and gravity? Ah, to heck with it. Let’s just not teach grammar or Physics. It’s perverted.

    In her final paragraphs, she moves on to the broader argument that sex education should be left up to the parents and too many school systems are “usurping” the parent’s right to teach their kids their morals and values.

    Listen. No one is stopping any parents from teaching their kids morals and values. There are no laws preventing a parent from teaching his or her children about sex and gender or not about sex and gender. Parents can get forms signed to remove a child during an objectionable learning module. Parents can home school. They can go charter or private. Parents have choice. To censor teachers on basic educational concepts is the opposite of liberty.

    Later, Covil presses that she’s an American and she has a right to speak her mind without being bullied. I absolutely agree. I believe hate speech and bullying are damaging to mental health and social progress. She says she has been threatened and bullied for calling gay marriage perverted. If this is true, my heart goes out to her. This needs to stop. A marketplace of ideas should be open for business here, not bullying.

    To be publicly humiliated is a feeling I know all too well. Growing up, the kids on the playground used to call me “Gay Eyes.” I would cry and walk around the tennis court alone during recess. I hated myself. Once I was picked on so horrifically on the bus I asked the driver to pull over and let me out. He did. I was in sixth grade, and I was lost in a neighborhood I’d never been in. I had to knock on a stranger’s door and ask for a ride home. That could have ended very badly. But that option was better than enduring one more minute of name-calling.

    Ms. Covil has a lot to learn about human sexuality and gender, and what happens to school kids when they don’t know what these words “gay” and “trans” mean, when they are bullied out of ignorance. These kids commit suicide. These lives-our children’s lives-matter. We need to better understand. And education is meant for understanding.

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