Former legislator aiming for NCGOP vice chairman post



Word has been seeping out that current vice chairman Wayne King will not seek reelection to his post.  That has set off a flurry of political activity.

Former state Rep. Glen Bradley (R) has stepped forward and tossed his hat into the ring for state GOP vice chairman.   Bradley made it official Thursday evening at a 2nd Amendment Town Hall in Cabarrus County sponsored by We The People NC.

Bradley’s short time on Jones Street often put him at odds with his party’s establishment.  Redistricting forced him out of the House in 2012.  He made an unsuccessful run for the state Senate that same year.


2 thoughts on “Former legislator aiming for NCGOP vice chairman post

  1. This is exactly what we need at the NCGOP, except I wish he would run for chairman.

    We need grassroots candidates for ALL party offices, both the chairman and vice chairman which are elected by the convention, and the Secretary, Treasurer, General Counsel, and their assistants who are elected by the state Executive Committee the next day. We also need grassroots conservatives running for all the congressional district chairman and vice chairman slots.

    We need to see the backside of the Rippon Society’s Robin Hayes and all of his allies.

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