First, the blacks. Now, the trannies. (*Does Roy Cooper’s bigotry know no bounds?*)

The Democrat Party has staked its very survival on rewarding all kinds of subcategories, or “communities” of people.  But Roy Cooper — elected in the middle of the night by a mysterious batch of 90,000 votes from Durham County, is setting a record for stabbing some of these allies in the back.

Thomas Stith, the chief of staff to former governor Pat McCrory, tucked away a bunch of his black buddies in the state bureaucracy right before the January transition.  Well, some of my moles tell me Cooper and his allies have rooted all of those black appointees out and have given them pink slips.

Cooper has gone forward with a two-fer screwing of the transgender community.  He made a big deal out of being their friends during the election.  But now that he has a four year lease on that house on Blount Street, the trannies are not so useful to him anymore.  Cooper threw his weight behind Wayne Goodwin — foresaking a tranny candidate — in the race for chairman of the North Carolina Democrat Party. 

Now comes word ol’ Roy will no longer be challenging Pat McCrory’s executive order on the dreaded HB2.  It was horrendous and the end of civilization during the campaign.  But, apparently, not so much after the inauguration.  

All of you folks who have been cheering this guy’s every mode:  Aren’t you wondering who is next to get the knife in the back?  (What makes that thought even worse?  They’ll have to sub out the forensic work in order to solve the crime.  The state crime lab will never figure it out.)