NC Dems smack down tranny

Apparently, trannies are A-Okay to take potty breaks with your wives and daughters, but NOT to lead the North Carolina Democrat Party:

Hundreds of N.C. Democratic Party leaders from across the state will meet Saturday at Rolesville High School to elect a new chair.

The new chair will replace current chairwoman Patsy Keever, a former state legislator from Asheville who declined to seek a second term.

The frontrunner is former insurance commissioner Wayne Goodwin, who was recently endorsed by Gov. Roy Cooper. Goodwin lost his re-election bid in November to Republican Mike Causey.

The other candidates are Marshall Adame, president of the Hispanic Democrats of North Carolina; Dick Crews, chairman of the Avery County Democratic Party; and Janice Covington Allison, a transgender activist from Charlotte.

What?  Our state’s top advocate for putting transvestites and transexuals in the same locker rooms and restrooms as our wives and daughters by-passed a very qualified transgender candidate in favor of a strange-looking, ethically-challenged white man?

It appears most of the assembled Democrat leaders shared Cooper’s bigotry.  Goodwin won with 92 percent of the vote.

So, good enough for the ladies restrooms and locker rooms, but NOT for the chairman’s office?  *What an outrage!*  (What time will the gay mafia show up on Blount Street? What time does the whistle-blowing and rioting begin? I want to get a good seat.)

Seriously.  The next time one of these lefties spits venom at you about anti-gay bigotry, ask them to explain and defend THIS.